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Serious About Finding Work? Check this Out…

If you’re one of the 77% of people who find that applying, interviewing, and getting hired for a job is difficult at least and impossible at best, there may be a light at the end of your tunnel. And it’s not a train. Would you like to be able to file an application online with […]

Jobs and the Inevitability of Change

The job market worldwide is in a state of constant change. Our Consultancy has recently had larger numbers of potential clients contact us– both on the employee and employer side of the business equation– about individual resume writing, impending job changes, and fears associated therewith for the employee;  and about new and exciting ways to entice top […]

Positive Feng Shui on Social Media Hiring

Here at The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. we are engaged by clients multiple times a year to find job candidates–from mid-level professionals up to and including Board Level positions.  Many are in marketing roles.  We utilize social marketing/media for these searches.  Which means, of course, that if you’re not visible online, you don’t have a […]

Today’s Perplexing Question: Multi Generational Workforce 09-20-2012

Today’s Perplexing Question came from Jamie, who asked, “Is it really possible for multiple generations in the same workgroup to get along? Of course it is.  That having been said, what we’re seeing is that the employer must be more flexible in developing workrules which value diversity and make the employee aware that their work and they, […]