Top Tips to Secure Your Business Both Physically and Digitally

Published 12-7-2017   You’ve spent time and effort starting and growing your business. Money and man hours have gone into finding a location, collecting information, buying equipment and getting it all up and running. However, if you’re not particular about implementing the proper security measures, both physically and digitally, all that hard work can go to waste.

According to an article by West Bend, burglaries in the U.S. have close to doubled in the last decade, with businesses being one of the most popular targets. As for digital security, in 2015 there were more than 177 million personal records exposed, with businesses making up 40 percent of these targets, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Here are a few ways you can keep your new business safe:

Physical Security Measures

Check out a Surveillance System

Investing in a comprehensive surveillance system is vital to the protection of your business. Whether it’s monitoring activity and keeping records on camera, or implementing an alarm system in case of emergency, surveillance in various areas of your establishment assists in keeping the location safe.

Find something that works for your industry.

For example, if you’re in construction, you may decide to invest in mobile surveillance units. Through innovative, wireless technology, you can be safe, no matter the strength of your power source.

Dedicate a ‘Locked Room’

As a business, there are a number of valuable items you need to keep protected: laptops, safes, petty cash and banking details, just to name a few. Dedicate a ‘”locked room” where all these extra private materials are kept. Historically, many companies have used a logbook system to track who is coming and going. With modern technology, implementing an authentication system to enter is more reliable.

Train and Educate Your Employees

No matter how many security measures you have in place, an emergency situation is still possible. Protect your business and the people by training and educating your employees on the proper protocols. Hold regular security sessions in which you inform them of appropriate exits, strategies and anything they may need to keep safe in case of security breaches.

Digital Security Measures

Have A Strong Firewall

Implementing a strong firewall across your network is a fundamental step to protecting your digital data and information. With many viruses and hacks coming in quietly and without people’s knowledge, a firewall safeguards your data and prohibits them from entering the system. By monitoring the traffic that comes in and out, a strong firewall ensures that unwanted content is blocked and never even reaches a user.

Install Anti-Virus Protection

Should an unwanted attack enter your network, your anti-virus software is the next safeguard that should be in place to protect your business digitally. Constantly screening computers and their activity, a strong anti-virus software will be able to troubleshoot issues before they enter too far into your system.

Have Encryption Software on Mobile and Laptops

While some companies may just encrypt certain files on their laptops, you may find that this is not enough. To ensure maximum protection, ensure that you encrypt your whole hard drive so all information remains private and you don’t have to worry about specifically targeting certain information. As laptops and mobile phones are portable devices for many employees, pay special attention to these when it comes to encryption.

As a business owner, staying safe and keeping your company information protected is vital to long term success. With so many cases of burglaries in businesses, as well as network breaches, implementing comprehensive security measures both physically and digitally should be a top priority for any modern company.


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