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Updated 03-2019       Many Consultants brag about how much they are quoted in the Media.  But when you ask about stories and quotes attributed to them, they “hem and haw” about “not having a list.”  We took the time to develop a list of those that we know about…we’ve been quoted in many more articles and pieces that were never reported to us; but this list offers a quick view of the various television network and online sources, print, and broadcast which has covered us over the last 12 years or so.  All of our “It’s Your Business” TV Programs are available via You Tube and the BTN Site, and are (c)BTN Network.

Here are the links to 10+ years of media quotes, articles, and attributions to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.

These have been updated with new content, as appropriate.  Check out what others are saying about us in print, with hyperlinked article references.

If the link has been removed, please let us know.


Brands, People and Facts that Lead the Way In the Fast Casual Marketplace   Fast Casual Magazine   01-06-2006

Can Housing and Credit Be Nudged Back into Shape?  Harvard Business Review:  Working Knowledge  12-03-2008

Coaching Business and Concept Development

Four Steps to an Effective Marketing Plan  TD Ameritrade   Jan-Feb 2009

Harvard Business School Comments, December 2008

Retail Psychology and Consulting

Guinn on American Gourmet Grocery Stores  (Peter Greenberg’s Column)

Seeking  a New Home?  (Nashville Homes News)  2-25-2010

Commercial RE Shows a Faint Pulse (MSNBC)

Starting Over: Launching a Medical Practice in a New Town   (Plastic Surgery Practice)  11/2010

Cloud Computing–7 Must Knows Before Converting (IS Utility)

Motivate Us:  Leadership Quotes  (  May 2011

Stand Out When Looking for a Job (Marketing 05-2011

EHealthcare Strategy and Trends (06-2011)

Do Area Codes Even Matter Anymore (CBS Marketwatch)

Illegal Radio Stations–Should They Be Fined? (Heartlander Online)

Three Things that Make You Irresistible to Employers (SAP Professionals)

SCA Interview Guideline Questions  09-2010  (

Three Things that Make Job Seekers Stand Out ( CNN)

Three Traits that Employers Love (Chicago Tribune)

Ten Ways to Connect with Your Customers (Brandmaker News)  08-02-2011

Three Things to Make You Irresistible  (Newsday)  08-08-2011

A Guide to the Importance of Body Language (The Grindstone)

Top Marketing Tips for Home Based Business (Success at Home)

Creative Job Titles–Pro or Con? (AMEX Open Forum, Mashable)

2012’s Creative Education Nominee–EZ Dictionary (Digital Journal)

What is the Difference between Sales and Marketing?  (Task.FM)

Seven Steps You Should Take When Moving Your Business to the Cloud   (Houston IT Consultants)   11-01-2011

Time to Negotiate a Raise?   (Chicago Tribune)

The Five Biggest Employee Training Blunders (AMEX Open Forum)

Employee Evaluation Forms–Their Proper Use? ( Contribution)

24 Tips for Hiring New Employees (Business Beware Television Show)

Job Interview Advice You Will be Judged By Your Questions Career Bliss 01-23-2012

Two Critical Points in Interviewing (Phoenix Educati)  01-30-2012

MIDEM Announcement of Henley Mgt College MBA Course Offering 01-29-2012

The Gourmet Grocer:  Putting Your Best Food Forward (Design and Operations)  02-14-2012

Ten Non-Awkward Ways to Exit a Conversation when Networking  (The Grindstone) 02-14-2012

Small Business Finance (Bankrate Online)  02-16-2012

Five Things to Weigh When Starting Your Own Business (Fox Business News) 02-16-2012

Should Your Job Title be More Creative?   (Marketing Newshub–Mashable)  02-29-2012

Five Things Women Should Never Say When Negotiating   (AMEX Open Forum) 03-01-2012

Interview Advice:  You Will be Judged by your Questions  (MonsterNetworking) 04-10-2012

10 Worst Job Interview Mistakes  (State Blog) 04-23-2012

What Questions Do Employers Want to Hear in an Interview?  (Career Builder)  06-26-2012

Three Things that Make You Irresistible to Employers (SAP Blog)  05-12-2012

Ten Key Factors in Starting Up a Retail Venture (  6-19-2012

What Questions do Employers want to Hear in an Interview?  ( 6-26-2012

Five Ways to Make Your Mobile Marketing Campaign ROI Increase–Exponentially (dot.Mobi)  06-27-2012

Ten Words that Will Get You a Job  (Business News Daily)  06-27-2012

Ten Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview (AOL Careerbuilder) 06-27-2012

What to Ask in an Interview to Show You Know Your Stuff  (USA Today) 07-13-2012

Aversive Workplace Conditions and Absenteeism  (EBSCO Host Connection) 07-2012

What to Ask in a Job Interview (Arizona Republic) 07-14-2012

3 Challenges of Hiring Hourly Restaurant Employees (NY State Restaurant Assoc) 7-19-2012

What Do Interviewers Want to Hear from Job Candidates?  (Professional Shine) 08-25-2012

Ten Questions to Ask Your Interviewer  (McNeese State Newsletter) 09-26-2012

10 Steps for Direct to Patient Marketing for GI Centers (Becker’s ASC Review) 10-05-2012

Helping Employees Develop Career Paths (National Restaurant Association)  10-16-2012

Is This the Right Job for You?   (AOL Careerpaths)  10-16-2012

Nairaland (Nigeria) Blog–What to Ask in an Interview?  10-18-2012

Grow Your Business with Retainer Clients  (Work Reimagined)  11-7-2012

BayerEssentials on Career:  10 Great Questions  11-7-2012

Gibson and Guinn Hit Business Info Guide with New Book on Franchising 11-26-2012

Breaking into the Corporate Space: Advice for Experienced Hires  12-05-2012

Signs of a Toxic Workplace (Managing People at Work)  01-20-2013

Red Flags at Work (Toxic Workplace) 02-2013

Three Challenges of Hiring Hourly Employees (Braccio–Georgia Restaurants) 02-2013

Clean Sweep–Overlooking Nooks and Crannies will Damage Customer Trust   (Pizza Today) 02-28-2013

Three Ways to Handle Inflexibility with your Boss  (Media Jobs Daily) 03-19-2013

A Short History of Venture Capital (Start a Small Business Blog) 03-21-2013

My Biggest Gripe with My Boss is…   (MSN Career Builder)  03-26-2013

Employers Advised to Review Transgendered Guidelines with Counsel  (SGDC)  3-7-2013

Venture Capital  (  03-29-2013

¿Cuándo conviene mentir en una entrevista?  (CareerBuilder Espanol) 03-29-2013

Becker’s ASC Review (Heather Linder) 04-16-2013

Best Methods for Women to Assert Themselves in the World of Business (II)  (Hearpreneur) 05-03-2013

Manage My Restaurant: Employees on a Career Path  (National Restaurant Association) 06-2013

Pizza Experts Weigh In on Creating a Disaster Preparedness Plan  Pizza Today 06-06-2013

Intelligence for Your Life:  John Tesh  08-2012

Perfect Resource–E Learning Tool Developed for Online Learning  (SAP Interactive E Learning)  10-15-2013

10 Ways to Connect with Your Customers  (Brandmaker News)  11-02-2013

Five Tips for Getting a Job After You Get Fired (Camden Kelly) 11-05-2013

Should I Use a Career Coach?   Salary ToolKit   11-08-2013

Five Tips to Help Admins Negotiate a Better Salary in a Tough Market  ( Contribution and Quote)  11-15-2013

Five Tips for Getting a Job After You Get Fired ( Contribution and Quote)  11-20-2013

Should You Use a Cover Letter? (Workplace Stack Exchange) 12-31-2013

Marketing Beer and Wine in Your Pizza Restaurant (Pizza Today Magazine)  January 2, 2014

Eight Types of Technology that Will Be Essential in 2015  (Huffington Post)  01-14-2014

HCAHPS: Five Ways Hospitals Can Improve Customer Satisfaction  (PreCheck)  02-04-2014

Resume Tip Tuesday:  How To Shorten Your Resume (CareerBliss)  02-18-2014

Tips for Getting a Job after Getting Fired  (Bucks County Courier Times)  02-23-2014

How to Handle a Career Setback  (Monster Networking) 02-24-2014

Tips for a Successful ‘Tell Me About Yourself” Response (Quintessential Careers) 03-15-2014

The Unspoken Part of the Job Interview:  Why Should We Hire You?  (Quint Careers) 03-24-2014

Leveled Out?  What to Do if You’ve Reached a Career Plateau  (The Network Journal: Black Professionals and Small Business News)  April 2, 2014

Six Steps to Help You Get that Raise  (Net Credit)  04-09-2014

What Does a Social Media Meets Virtual Reality World Look Like?  (Computerworld, CIO)  04-11-2014

Fire Your Mentor  (Fire Your Mentor–Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets)  04-12-2014

Things #Entrepreneurs Say:  Inspiring Quotes to Help You Rule Your Destiny.  Release Date 04-13-2014   ASIN 800JO5L3W6

How to Handle a Career Setback.  (  04-18-2014

37 Cloud Experts Reveal the Number One Mistake They See Companies Make Moving Cloud Storage    (Docurated)  04-22-2014

Boss Counteroffered?  Five Reasons Not to Say Yes.  (Career Bliss)  04-24-2014

Do You Want a Cover Letter?  (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement)  04-27-2014

How to Tie Current Events into Your Email Marketing   (Vertical Response Blog)  04-29-2014

Entrepreneur Tips to Create the Right Mindset for Success  (Carol Roth Blog)  05-07-2014

How to Identify and Train Future Managers (Intuit Small Business Blog)  05-12-2014

Five Tips to Keep Your Resume Short and Relevant  (The Savvy Intern)  05-20-2014

Hospice and Palliative Care  Breast Cancer Arabia  05-21-2014

How to Become a Respected Industry Expert (Carol Roth)  06-10-2014

How to Strengthen Social Relationships with Social Media (Marketo)  06-13-2014

Identify Career Switchers that are Right for Your Business (National Restaurant Association) 6-21-2014

Practice Management: Part B News    Quirk Healthcare 06-23-2014

How Cloud Services Can Facilitate the Internet of Things ( 6-26-2014

10 Steps to Calming Angry Customers Before They Leave a Bad Review  (Reputation Management)  07-31-2014

What are the Most Successful Traits of Small Business?    (Point Blank (Direct Capital)  October 2014

Cloud Costs, Pricing & Value: 21 Business Cloud Experts Reveal The Most Important Considerations For Evaluating The Price & Value of Cloud Computing    December 2014

Retail Therapy:  Breathe New Life  (InPaint Magazine)  February 2015

Intelligence for Your Life (John Tesh Blog) March 2015

Twenty Dirt Cheap Ways to Promote Your Business  LibertaGia  March 2015

Seven Training Mistakes Retailers Make     Strativity  04/05-2015

Take Job Candidates Seriously (They’re Interviewing You, Too)  Skilled Up   May 2015

The Biggest Sales Pitch Mistakes  (Docurated)  August 2015

How to Deal with Job Rejection in Your 30’s (Flex Jobs)  October 2015

Can the CFPB’s New Payday Loan Rules Curb High Fees and Charges? (Main Street) March 2016

How Can Small Businesses Compete with Big Brands Online?  (Altus Host BV)  May 2016

As More Governors Convene Cyber Commissions, Questions Arise over Effectiveness (State Scoop) June 2016

80+ Ways to Amp Up Your Small Marketing Business Marketing Materials  (Carol Roth Blog) June 2016.

Megaventory:  How To Manage Your Franchise Business  (Megaventory)  June 2016

Millennials See Power in Laziness  (Lifezette) June 2016

Your Boss Has Been Fired–Now What?  (The Network Journal)  July 2016

What Counts as Relevant Career Experience?  (Flexjobs) August 2016

Public Safety Committee Recommends Three Year Franchise Renewal Period for EMS Permits (Rogersville Review) May 2017

Millennials See Power in Laziness  (Lifezette) June 27, 2017

Solving the Recruitment Image Problem (Caroline Stokes) 8-31-2017

Six Things about Your New House that You will Hate in Ten Years (Geoff Williams) US News and World Report  05-08-2018

How to Train New Retail Staff: Onboarding for Employee Success  (Alexandra Sheehan) Apploi  05-16-2018

50 Plus Tips to Combat Negative Business Press (Carol Roth)  Carol Roth Blog 06-19-2018

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