Shaping the Start Up Champion

05-01-2017   The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.,  Rushmore University, and BMC Global Services, Ltd., are offering a new series of learning experiences entitled “Shaping the Start up Champion.”

This is a series of courses for people who want to make ideas come to life!

Shaping the Start Up Champion is a series of degree courses designed to help individuals bring their ideas, however large or small, to life –either from a commercial or social perspective.

The courses are designed to provide the skills, and practical experience, to take ideas and help students turn these ideas into functioning businesses. A process of blended learning is adopted combining one to one coaching with self learning via different tools.

Gamification and simulations are used to develop the winning mindset needed to succeed in a very challenging, yet exciting environment.

The program works specifically to develop the unique mentality of a successful entrepreneur, and winning athlete, to provide the resilience necessary to help game changers succeed.

The program works to the development of a functional business plan, with the opportunity to present in front of potential investors at exciting remote locations, such as Hawaii, the US, California or the Grand Cayman Islands.

Areas covered in this unique program are:

  • Introduction to the Start up Champion
  • Psychology of the Start Up Champion in the Market
  • Financial Modeling
  • Planning and Management of your Venture
  • Funding Opportunities and Responsibilities (w/financial implications)
  • Driving Growth
  • Planning to WIN
  • Gaming within the process of Entrepreneurship to Learn Limited Parts and Concepts
  • Linking with people
  • Presentation Skills
  • Delivering Performance

This programme is run in conjunction with Rushmore University, a CMI Accredited Centre, and BMC Global Services Ltd, a CMI Accredited Centre in the UK.

Contact The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. in the USA at 1-917-224-6782 or BMC Global Services, Ltd in the UK at 44-1158413820.

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