Common Customer Service Complaints

Updated 09-2018   Let’s face it. No one likes calling customer service.

First and foremost it means the person calling is having a problem, and it means they may have to spend a good chunk of time trying to resolve it over the phone.

As a business owner you need to make this experience as easy and painless as possible for customers and clients. Let’s take a look at some of the most common customer service complaints so you can avoid them in your organization.

Not Knowing What Information They Need

When customers call your service lines, do you need their account number? What about login information? A password? Personal information? Do your customers know that they need to have this information ready before calling? They should.

Your customers are already having a problem and may be feeling flustered or frustrated, or, in colloquial terms, just generally “pissed off.” Don’t increase this feeling by asking them for a lot of information they may need to search for. Or, if this information is essential to fixing the problem, tell your customers what information you will need on your customer service or FAQs page. List out the most common questions your automated system will take customers through to fix an internet outage problem. With this information, customers can gather everything they need ahead of time instead of getting flustered on the phone.

Takes Too Long

One of the most common complaints is how long it takes to get their problems solved. Customers have to wait on hold in a queue of other people before even spending a minute of their time trying to fix the problem. There are plenty of reasons why long wait times occur as well as plenty of solutions.

If you have a known problem with one of your products and are experiencing a big uptick in the number of calls, you should hire more customer service staff until the problem is fixed. Similarly, you should use analytics to see when your customers tend to call and schedule more employees to work during those times. You also may want to look at other types of tools to help cut down on your queue for simple problems, such as a customer service chat program. With this type of tool your employees can handle several customers at once and free up the phone lines for more complicated issues.

Multiple Transfers

Another thing that causes customer frustration is being transferred from agent to agent. Not only does this increase their wait times, since they have to wait for each new agent, but it also makes it feel like their problem won’t be resolved. And each time they have to retell their story, they will probably get more agitated. At the very least provide your employees with a cloud service tool where they can take notes and store customer information so the person calling in doesn’t have to explain their problem over and over. You also should devise an internal system that helps your employees understand where to transfer calls for various types of issues to minimize this common customer service complaint.

Frustrating Experience

Your customers are already frustrated because they’re having a problem, so don’t make it even worse by providing them with a frustrating customer service experience. Start by hiring the right employees for the job and ensure they have the tools they need. Hire enough employees for the amount of calls you receive so your agents are not overworked or overwhelmed. This will cut down on complaints about rude staff as well as wait times. If your employees cannot solve the issue while on the phone, ensure your customer that you will do everything you can to fix the problem as quickly as possible, and then keep in touch with them about where you are in the process. Your customers want to feel heard and understood, so make sure this is emphasized in every step and every department of your organization.

If you understand these common customer service complaints, you can make your customer service experience that much better. Listen to your customers and implement the necessary changes. Your employees, your bottom line and, most importantly, your customers will thank you.

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