Consultants: The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.

Updated November 29, 2018.  By now, you’d guess that most people who visit our website know who we are.  We develop and share best ways to recognize, analyze, and act on new opportunities. Our Consultancy is widely known, honored, and recognized; and has achieved notable success in identifying, quantifying, and expanding key business and educational responsibilities and opportunity.

Key projects for us during the month of December….1) fundraising and purchase oversight for an established, online University; 2) fundraising and planning for a datacenter/ Colocation facilities; 3) development of an offshore Equity Fund and its brick and mortar development; 4) fundraising for six separate and independent developments… including both “green” and “app” projects; 5) addressing pending Sports Village issues including collection of funds; 6) achieving funds commitments for an Animal Pharma rollout project; 7) pursuit and completion of several Franchise sales closings for Vintage Market Days, LLC; 8) development of a new, retail franchise offering. 

Other projects in process are covered by NDAs.

Busy, you say? You bet we’re busy; we’re busy because we get results!

Our past experiences have allowed us to be quoted in dozens of publications. Check out our “Media” section on our website for links.

We seek out and engage in meaningful client interactions; we will often address projects which others may not; our Consultancy develops clear and open pathways for clients to address their challenges. If you’re not finding successes, then reach out, let’s meet, and compare notes.

We’ve told our clients for over 15 years as an independently-owned Consultant and business-owner… Be Smart, Be Bold…and Be Successful. 

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