Consultants: The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.

Updated December 27, 2018.  Happy upcoming New Year 2019! By now, anyone who visits our page probably knows what we do, but let’s summarize it. 

Our businesses create, develop, and share what we believe are the best ways to recognize, analyze, and act on new and expanded opportunities. Sometimes, we hit a home run in life’s baseball game, but a stand up double can often be ok, too.

Our Consultancy is widely known, honored, and recognized; we sincerely thank you so very much for that. We’ve achieved recognition for notable successes in identifying, quantifying, and expanding business and educational responsibilities.

Key projects for us moving into 2019…1) continuing our fundraising and purchase oversight for an established, online University through debenture offerings; 2) early stage fundraising for a Learning Academy and a datacenter/Colocation facility; 3) funding a newly developed offshore Caribbean Sunshine Equity Fund; 4) finding $$ support for multiple development projects in hand; 5) resolution of pending Sports Village issues including financing payouts; 6) achieving funds commitments for an Animal Pharma rollout project through a convertible note; 7) pursuit and completion of several Franchise sales opportunities; 8) full development of a new retail concept franchise offering; 9) establishment of a Nevada-based Opportunity Zone and funding of its first project.

Busy, you say? You bet we’re busy; we’re busy because we help make clients successful. Join us and be a part of it.. it’s a big tent.

We seek out and engage meaningful client interactions; some of our best work has addressed projects others would not tackle; our Consultancy seeks out and discovers clear and open paths for clients to discover success. If your own personal Mt. Everest has eluded you in the past—or, conversely, if you now find yourself at the pinnacle of professional and personal success—reach out, let’s meet, and compare notes. We try to leave no one behind.

Be Smart, Be Bold, Act with Conviction, Embrace Your Challenges…and Be Imminently Successful!


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