Can’t Pay Taxes 4/15? Here are Alternatives.

Not being able to pay your taxes on time is a scary proposition for many of us.  But many can’t– due to life threatening illness, injury, or simply having to use the money for everyday living expenses. When it comes to illness and purchasing medication, or being in a hospital because you’re injured, or of taking care […]

Employee Satisfaction vs. Engagement

We’ve often spoken on the show about the engaged employee and the types of attributes required for an employee to be classified as being “engaged.”   Today, Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss the difference between those two concepts–satisfaction and engagement–and how important it is that employees demonstrate that they are engaged in their jobs.  With […]

When Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

Alan Guinn and Steve Hawkins address one of the most controversial aspects of your career…what can make it the time to leave your job? Experts abound in sharing when the best time to leave a job may be, but what is the key element that brings you to the recognition that “my time is up…let’s move on […]

What’s this Process of SeniorPreneuring?

It’s a phenomenon that’s changing the status quo work environment as we know it.  Baby boomers are leaving corporate positions in their 50s and 60s and are forming their own businesses, for a variety of reasons.  LegalZoom says that 35% of the businesses they assisted last year were started by people over 50 years old. The […]

Soft Skills for Job Applicants

How important is it for an applicant to be able to communicate well with others?  Most of us would say that communication with others is an absolutely critical element in most of today’s work environments.  Wait.  Does the ability to “communicate” mean the ability to be able to send emails and texts— or does it mean that the applicant must possess the […]

Did You Purposely “Fudge” Your Resume?

On today’s Steve Hawkins Show, Alan and Steve discuss resume fraud, which is growing exponentially nationwide– and they talk about some of the excuses offered by those who misrepresent the facts on their resume. How much can you “puff” your resume and still consider it accurate, and what are the repercussions of doing so?  Did you know that […]

Don’t Start a Business Without These Three Absolutely Critical Things

From the plan of development through the funding intricacies and owner’s commitment to success,  Alan Guinn and Steve Hawkins discuss these three critical areas to be considered in any start up business, practice, or venture.  First broadcast on Supertalk 92.9, WFHG, on 02-04-2014.  

How Should You Negotiate a Job Offer?

Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss the benefits and downsides of negotiation of salary and benefits, once a job offer has been tendered to a job candidate. Based upon a article by Jacqueline Smith and a survey by, Hawkins and Guinn discuss why some job applicants may be hesitant to negotiate with a new […]

High Stress or Low Stress Job?

Alan Guinn and Steve Hawkins discuss the impact of stress arising from our jobs, and share the highest stress-related jobs and least-stress related jobs from Business Insider and CareerCast, based on surveys prepared for 2014. Originally broadcast on Supertalk 92.9, The Steve Hawkins Show, on 01-21-2014.

Annoying Habits that Could Cost You Your Job

On a cold and windy January morning, Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn review a blog posting by Savannah Marie from Brazen Life, called 10 Annoying Habits That Could Cost You Your Job on the Business segment of The Steve Hawkins Show on Supertalk 92.9, WFHG. Alan adds his Consulting expertise and suggestions for ways to […]

Creating the Greatest Work Environment for Your Business: Are You Up to the Task?

We’ve often been asked over our years of consulting what creates the best work environment for employees.  Let me share with you what I’ve discovered and see if you agree. The work macro environment in any workplace, we think, can be defined by looking at the top and at the bottom of the employee chain.  […]

“Best Boss” Characteristics Unveiled–Are You a “Best Boss?”

Think you have what it takes to be classified as a Best Boss? In our continuing series on being the “Best Boss,” Steve and Alan discuss the six key characteristics that are shared by the best bosses across several different job types, with anecdotal stories and illustrations of those in their past who have demonstrated […]

Tis the Season for Creating Buzz (and Sales) with Social Media for Your Small Business

If you own a small business, forget about decking the halls with boughs of holly. Instead, it’s time to deck your social media walls with Vines and Tweets for success. According to Time, wise small business owners know that utilizing free social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, can be a key to […]

Preserving Your Reputation Online

Small businesses worldwide are caught in the conundrum of how much time to invest in preserving, protecting, and defending the work they do in their businesses from online comments, especially the negative ones. Based on an article from The New York Times by Kermit Pattison, and enhanced with consulting experience anecdotes, Guinn and Steve Hawkins discuss a […]

Gaining Communications Clarity

In today’s “It’s Your Business,”  Alan Guinn and Steve Hawkins discuss the importance of clarity in both personal and professional communications.  Based on an article by Kevin Daum, with included anecdotal stories from Alan’s consulting career, Guinn makes the case for the importance of continuous improvement in communications skills and abilities, and the importance of the […]

What to do when You and the Boss Just Can’t Get Along

It’s a dilemma many of us face at some point in our career. On this segment of “It’s Your Business,”  Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss positive and constructive options available to employees when they just don’t get along with “the boss.” Answers derived from emails and texts/calls to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. Show originally aired on […]

Balance Your Business Like You Balance Your Tires

In today’s “It’s Your Business,” Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn continue an earlier show topic and discuss personal thoughts about the John Kennedy assassination, and then progress to the central business show—categorizing “balancing the tires on your car” to  “balancing the business you run or manage.”  Balancing your business may be the most important aspect […]

Developing Your Resume–Land a Job Outside Your Education & Experience

Landing your dream job takes application. On today’s Business Segment, Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss three simple steps–Assessment, Integration, Application– in putting together your resume when you’re seeking a position outside of your education and experience levels.   Listen to these three steps and understand how to structure your resume to best reflect your attributes. Show broadcast 10-08-2013 […]

Listener Mail–Resumes, Key Words, and Software

In today’s business segment, Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss several Emails received from listeners in the past week–focusing on best practices for resumes, utilizing key words, and software screening. Broadcast on Supertalk 92.9, WFHG, on 10-01-2013. Mentions and credits:  Joyce Lain Kennedy: What Not to Include on a Resume, Websites, and    

Listener Mail–Interviewing and Wages

In this 101st “It’s Your Business,”  Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss  1) how to understand what an employer needs PRIOR to the interview taking place; and 2) the impact of a minimum wage increase on society and employees as a whole.  Originally broadcast on 09-24-2013.

Software That Fuels & Propels Businesses

SEO, cost-per-click, social media — modern marketing is an ever-evolving animal that seemingly adds a new component every week. Marketing managers hoping to keep up can’t do it on their own. That’s where inbound marketing platforms come into play. These systems can manage your entire online marketing strategy from unified dashboards. Track your affiliate leads […]

Employer/Employee No-No’s. Don’t. Do. Them— Ever.

Ever heard the saying to keep an arm’s length distance from your subordinates?  It’s a good saying, because there are some actions that employers and employees just should not take with each other. Can you name five? Have you ever been guilty of crossing that line?  Surveys show that 73% of managers and supervisors are guilty. Check […]

Budgeting for 2014

Alan Guinn and Steve Hawkins discuss some budgeting tips for small business for upcoming 2014 budgeting in this week’s “It’s Your Business, on Supertalk 92.9. These tips offer opportunities for minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing savings.    

Small Business Lending

On today’s “It’s Your Business,” Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss the challenges faced by Small Business in finding required funding for expansion and marketing. Research Credits:  American Express Open and Mike Periu,  Varsity Lending, Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy