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Call today for an extensive list of references and recommendations or Google us—either Alan Guinn or The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. GCG has been credit rated by both Dun & Bradstreet and by Asian CIS.  GCG participates in developing and delivering products, services, and consulting expertise worldwide.

GCG successfully competes for projects on a worldwide basis and leverages opportunity, seeks change, and helps the client to both maximize revenue and increase profits. All GCG Projects are completed under Non-Disclosure or NonDisclosure/ NonCircumvention Agreements.

By engaging our services, it is agreed that an NDNC is required and is in place on both sides of the working relationship.  We protect the confidentiality of our clients, their projects, our recommendations, and their future and ongoing plans and we expect the same from each of our clients.

Additional work product undertaken includes both personal and corporate representation, and practice management assessment and analyses.

GCG also offers experienced corporate and personal coaching opportunities at competitive rates.
Let’s discuss solving your business & personal challenges effectively and successfully, in a way that preserves both capital and future business opportunities. All of our assessments are cheerfully performed and our initial consultation and assessment is offered at no charge to you.