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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your OSHA Compliance and Avoid Fines

Updated 03-2019 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined film production company Stalwart Films $12,675 for failing to protect its workers in connection with the death of “Walking Dead” stuntman John Bernecker last July, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 33-year-old Bernecker, an experienced stunt coordinator whose previous work on over 90 productions included […]

Outdoor Activities To Improve Workforce Morale

Published 01-11-2018   The daily hustle of running a business creates so much stress in your life. And stress is not healthy….for anyone.  This list of outdoor activities will give you and your team a healthy break. Not only will it reduce stress but actually make everyone more productive. Outdoor activities lead to increased confidence, […]

Why Your Online Business Needs a Physical Office and How to Set One Up

09-27-2017   One of the important decisions new owners of online businesses often wrestle with is whether or not to set up a physical office. We didn’t do it, and have shown satisfactory results since 2003.  But the jury is out, and who knows what the success level of this venture might have seen if […]


August 15, 2017    Shaping the start up Champion” is a series of degree level courses designed to help individuals bring their business ideas, however large or small, to life either from a commercial or social perspective. The courses are designed to provide the skills, and practical experience, to take ideas and help founders turn […]

How DRaas Helps Businesses Prevent Data Loss and Downtime Risks

Updated 06-11-2017   The recent wave of WannaCry ransomware attacks has raised awareness amongst businesses of the dangers of data loss. However, despite the continued proliferation of the worm, your company may be at a greater risk of data loss from less dramatic, everyday threats. Nearly 7 out of 10 companies suffer data loss due […]

How to Automate Your Customer Service on a Small Business Budget

04-09-2017    In today’s marketplace, customer service can make or break your business. Nine out of ten marketers now see customer experience as today’s key competitive differentiator, more decisive than price, quality or any other factor, according to Gartner research. But if you’re a company with a small staff or a small budget, setting up a […]

Is the Business Card Dead?

10-08-2016  The business card has been around for nearly four centuries, dating back to France’s King Louis XIV.  At that time, the card was used to announce visiting elite and was adorned with gold leaf and the crest of the nobility. The technology behind the card may be changing, but the spirit of the business […]

Did I–or Did I Not– Just Purchase an Airline?

07-19-2016   When a major business news network reported that our Consultancy had purchased an airline, electric fans everywhere issued warnings for upcoming attacks of semi-solid material. That age-old quote about “what’ hits the fan” tended to escalate within minutes. And the best part was, none of it was true to start with—we didn’t purchase an […]

5 Things Businesses Need to Make Their Internal Communications Smarter

Employees that are engaged are 25 percent more productive than those who are not, according to a McKinsey report on workplace behaviors. The ability to communicate with staff is an integral part of a company’s organizational structure and employee retention. It keeps businesses working smoothly and directly affects the bottom line of the organization. Fortunately, […]

The Entrepreneur’s Job Search

The path of an entrepreneur cannot be walked alone. Many times, an entrepreneur has to join forces with a larger pool of people (that is, take a job with a company). Believe it or not, there are many larger companies with startup cultures that love to employ people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. For example, […]

What’s Up with E-Commerce–Video

E-Commerce, as a major developing source of revenue, deserves it’s own rules and guidelines.  In response to a reader’s query, we developed one of our “It’s Your Business” presentations to address some of the key elements of e-commerce.  If you’re an e-commerce provider or develop a large portion of your business through e-commerce, this 8 minute […]

5 Successful Companies With Unique Dress Codes

Here’s a phenomenal comment to reflect upon as you look out across the spectrum of dress exhibited by employees on the job.  Today’s dress codes are very different from the dress codes of the past. Google and Apple, for example, both allow employees to dress casually. But that’s not to say dress codes are dead. Starbucks and Disney […]

Challenges Currently Faced by Small Business

(Video) There’s a growing frustration among small business owners.  It might be easy to feel that business worth is being questioned.  Some do.  Generally speaking, however, and far from feeling unloved or unneeded, small business owners continue to work to grow and expand their businesses.  They recognize that employment within small business makes up the majority of […]

Protecting Your Business as You Expand

As your business continues to expand, one of the major factors that you need to consider is data breaches. A data breach is defined as exactly that—a situation where confidential information about your businesses, your employees, your customers, or yourself has made it out onto the Internet for all to see. Taking a proactive approach […]

The Pros and Cons of Providing Company Phones

Company phones may not be necessary for every workplace, but the practice is becoming more commonplace as workplace demands soar and managers seek to boost efficiency while minimizing costs. However, company phones aren’t without risk. Here are a few important factors to help you determine if the benefits outweigh the costs for your organization. Pros […]

Video: How Important is Branding to You?

How you “brand” your business can be critical to the success of your business.  How you “brand” yourself can be critical to how you are perceived in the marketplace.  How important is “branding” to you?

Going Green: Ideas for the Workplace

Before you pull an Oprah and start handing out Priuses and Teslas, you should know that there are easier (and more affordable) ways to green up your company’s culture and core values. Becoming an environmentally conscious business isn’t just good for further reducing your carbon footprint, it’s also comforting for consumers to know they’re doing […]

The Internet of Things

As we see it and discuss it with our clients, the next big thing is the “Internet of Things.” One need only envision any device or machine that functions with, or responds to, any type of electronic sensor, switch, relay, or solenoid to grasp the scope of opportunity which exists within the Internet of Things. One of our clients […]

How LinkedIn Expands Your Company’s Brand

LinkedIn is much more than a social media option for job-seekers or entrepreneurs to post a digital resume and network in their shared industries. The content publishing website is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes to showcase their products, services and successes. Many companies are already on LinkedIn but may not […]

How Connected Is Your World?

Our world is connected in many ways.  We’ve been told that for years, and yet, in business, we continue to find reasons to believe it’s not so.  We’re wrong.  And let me explain why.  Especially in small business, the issue is clear.  You’re always connected in a variety of ways, and your success can be determined, in a […]


作为Guinn咨询集团的执行经理,我希望每个人都像我们一样热爱自己的工作,并将我们的热诚带给那些咨询的客户,学生,以及我们已经对其做出贡献的书籍和文章读者。 我们团队寻求和发展投资项目的途径,提高销售额,利润和发现商机,为我们的客户创造市场机会。我们为各种项目导向和注重合作的项目寻求资金。我们倾听并试图帮助评估客户的目标, 帮助他们发展可行性计划来实现企业梦想,找到资金(如果需要)—–但最重要的是帮助客户获得成功。使他们的计划运行正常。 我们尽力成为学习者成功的帮手。 相信我们可以用理论和实践帮助企业家,商人,开发商阐述它们所面临的挑战,以及提供方法帮助他们避免陷阱……甚至是在他们意识到陷阱之前。 首先,我们已经了解到当你经商和学习时,重要的是享受你已经开始的征途-商业和人生的疯狂征途。每个人的征途都不同于他人,且将依次沿着未曾见、未被发现的路途前进。我们试图帮助客户导航那样的征途且抓住好的机遇,从而将促使他们达到个人生活和事业成功的巅峰。

The 5 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

Finance is the least-trusted profession in the United States, according to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer.  You can blame it on the economic crisis of 2008, along with a generous helping of Wall Street maelstrom. America just doesn’t trust the financial services industry. But good reasons to hire a financial advisor do exist. Maybe the […]

Is Your HR Department “Up to Snuff?”

Employee issues surrounding human resource-related matters are costly and time consuming, and that makes them a threat to the integrity of any business confronted with such concerns. The best defense? A strong, informed, proactive Human Resources department. Does yours measure up? Take a look and see. Here are three characteristics shared by all top notch […]

When Is It Appropriate for Business Leaders to Send Flowers?

Sending a gift to business associates or customers is a time-honored tradition for many companies. Some will send a handful of gifts out; others, such as the Nirvana Café and Grill, send out no less than 1,000 gift boxes full of cookies, reports the New York Times. Sending flowers and gifts can help with customer […]