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Updated 03-2019       Many Consultants brag about how much they are quoted in the Media.  But when you ask about stories and quotes attributed to them, they “hem and haw” about “not having a list.”  We took the time to develop a list of those that we know about…we’ve been quoted in many […]

Radio: Can You Teach Common Sense?

Alan Guinn and Steve Hawkins discuss the importance of common sense and how it impacts both managers and employees in this radio discussion from 06-10-2014.   Based on articles by Dan McCarthy entitled “Can You Teach Common Sense?” and Susan Heathfield’s assessments of Common Sense with Management from Our take away?  It is certainly possible to […]

Radio: Developing Your Business

Ripped and torn from the pages of today’s news, Steve Hawkins and Alan  use news sources as well as their own business experience to discuss how to best “Develop your Business.” Developing your business is a key phrase among those who address business concerns, but it’s terminology that means different things to different users. In […]

Radio: Want to Get Hired? Don’t Do These Things…

Everyone wants to tell you what to do if you want to get hired.  Well, we share with you what NOT to do when you’re having that all important meeting with the hiring manager. From what not to say to what personal tendencies NOT to exhibit, you’re on display for all the world to see when you have […]

Radio: Resumes and Interviews

Has anyone ever suggested that you might want to improve your resume?  Or that you might want to improve your interviewing skills?  That’s a certain sign that some research and learning could probably help your future efforts at securing that next, great job that comes along. What are some of the terms you just shouldn’t […]

Measuring The True Value of Distance Learning Education

Ah, the ongoing dispute about the true value of an education secured through a distance learning environment. The positive attributes of adult distance learning are often overlooked when we attempt to quantify the learning take-away, or the “value” of the education that is gained. Value is often perceived as being a subjective value—as well it […]


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