Outdoor Activities To Improve Workforce Morale

Published 01-11-2018   The daily hustle of running a business creates so much stress in your life. And stress is not healthy….for anyone.  This list of outdoor activities will give you and your team a healthy break. Not only will it reduce stress but actually make everyone more productive. Outdoor activities lead to increased confidence, improved creativity and better self-esteem.

Natural settings rejuvenate and calm the mind, improve outlook and increase positive effect. In contrast, artificial environments may cause feelings of exhaustion, irritability, inattentiveness and impulsivity. Outdoor time can even help you focus.

Scavenger Hunt

Get outside in a park and have a scavenger hunt. Everyone loves looking for and finding items. And you can set the theme to anything you want. Just look at how Pokémon Go was such a big hit. The genius of this game is that it actually got people to go outside. The attraction of this game was the hunt. So why not create a scavenger hunt for your team. And if you do it in a park no one will be walking in traffic.

Cooking Contest

Team up in pairs and have a contest for the best BBQ ribs, hamburgers, or whatever else your mind can cook up. Your team will love the chance to get outside and have a great meal. And to up the ante a little, you can require that each team build and cook on a wood fire instead of a grill. Ain’t nothin’ better than outdoor cooking.

Shooting Range Contest

How about a friendly shooting range activity. Pair up your team and find out who is the best marksman. Complete with a trophy for bragging rights for a year. Give your group a chance to learn a skill and maybe even decide to own their own firearm. This outdoor activity will be a favorite for your team to get out and unwind for a while. Heck, you can even use the bosses picture as a target for an added bonus.

Soap Box Derby

Made popular by the scouting community, you can create teams to build and race soapbox cars. Small cars that run on a track up to big cars that a driver rides down a path. The whole point of being outdoors is to have fun and enjoy. Your teams will learn to create and compete while getting the benefits of the outdoor activity. Use your imagination here and see how much fun a soapbox derby can be for your team.

Build A Boat and Race

Just imagine your team trying to build a boat out of cardboard and racing their craft on the water. This is a great time to have outdoors. You supply the plans and materials, and your team will build a thing of beauty. Or not. Then see which team built the most seaworthy craft by having a race on the water. Be sure to have a designated photographer on hand. You won’t want to forget this experience.

Not only will everybody have fun, but will benefit in a healthy way just from being outside. Your workplace will be more creative, productive and morale will never be higher.



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