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3 Strategies to Project an Executive Presence

02-13-2017   Updated 04-17-2017   Taking on a new executive role is often met with many challenges. The transition can go more smoothly for everyone when you project a strong executive presence. How important is this?  Very. By thoughtfully improving the presence that you project, you can earn more respect from your team faster, and more efficiently […]

LinkedIn As A Viable Tool To Market Yourself

10-23-2016   Special by Rachael Everly.    Did you know that you’re a Brand?  Just like companies market their own products or services through social media platforms, basking in the limelight and increasing brand awareness– similarly–YOU–are a brand. But where can you highlight your Brand?  Creating a unique identity via a professional profile on LinkedIn helps create your own, conspicuous, online presence. The […]

Guinn Featured on Morris Invest Podcast

8-25-2016   It’s always nice to be recognized for your accomplishments, but it’s extra nice when it’s recognition and an interview from someone like Clayton Morris from FOX News. Clayton is an amazing anchor at FOX, and I consider him imminently qualified in television network news, and also as a growing and prosperous real estate investor.   […]

Summer Scams. Beware, Job Applicants

07-19-2016   It’s the silly season; that season when job scammers emerge from the woodwork seeking job seekers who may have been applying for positions everywhere–often without success.   A word to the wise.  If a job seems ‘too good to be true,’  don’t apply.  It is probably, as we say in the South, ‘too good to be true.’ Being […]

Seven Steps to Better Online Security

Updated 07-03-2016   It’s true.  Nothing will impress upon you the importance of online security like being hacked. As a recipient of a recent attack–which, thankfully, compromised no data but created a huge headache in time, effort, and energy for resetting passwords and reloading software–I can share that our cognizance about online security has been heightened by my personal “close encounter of the […]

5 Studies That Will Change Your Product Packaging

Remember the old quote, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”   All of us learned that at some time in our lives.  But to be honest, when marketing is concerned…we do judge items by their cover, their wrapping, their outside colors–all the time. There is no secret that product packaging is both important and can […]

Are You Ready to Be Self-Employed? Let’s Figure It Out

Maybe you’re tired of the long commute, or you’ve had it up to here with your grumpy boss and weekend overtime. Perhaps some of your friends are self-employed and speak highly of it, or maybe you are ready for something new in your work life. No matter what your reasons may be, if you’re thinking […]

Smart Business Practices That Save Your Business and the Planet

Going green does not have to be a philanthropic endeavor. There are practical, budget-saving reasons to implement eco-friendly practices in your business. Done right, your Earth-loving conscience can save your business a bundle and save the planet at the same time. The following are just a few steps you can take: Send E-Receipts One of […]

A Dozen Great Resources to Learn More About Business Finance

Eighty-two percent of business owners seeking financing are turned down by their bank, and 64 percent fail to secure any financial assistance, according to a 2013 survey of 700 industries conducted by OnDeck, a business financing provider. OnDeck’s findings identified access to capital as the top challenge facing small businesses, following by sales and taxes. […]

Small Business Owners: Perform a Security Audit Before Disaster Strikes

News Ripped from Today’s Headlines Updated 07-10-2015  Washington, DC.  Wire services reported today that up to 22 Million Federal Government Employees have reportedly had their personnel, credit, and security clearance background records accessed by an, as yet, unknown entity.  How this breach will impact these employees has yet to be recognized.  Nor has the Government identified the specific information […]

Video: Find Your New Job

  In today’s BTN Program, “It’s Your Business,”  Managing Director Alan Guinn talks about the necessary steps in finding a new job.  Whether you’ve been “downsized,” “outsourced,” “let go,” or “fired,” the result is the same.  You have to find a new job.  Let’s discuss some of the aspects of this process.    

Seeking Financing for Your Projects?

Does it seem to you that no matter how much you plan,  more money is always needed for projects undertaken?  We don’t specialize in financing, but we may be able to help in sourcing funding for your development projects.  Keys to this will be concrete knowledge of the following funding attributes: What’s Currently Invested in your Project and by Whom? The Tenure […]

Looking for a Franchise? Beyond this, be Demons.

In over 35 years of Franchising, we’ve discovered some interesting things. First, the Franchisee-Franchisor relationship can be smooth or chunky.  It can go well, or be an absolutely hellish thing to have to endure. We’ve itemized the points in a posting we did on Linked In, that can be found at http://linkd.in/1qJiy6u.   Enjoy it!  […]

Financing Your Business or Practice

Rainmaking.  Financing your business or practice is not just about finding money to support your development.  It also cuts to the heart of what you’re financing, why you’re financing it, and what’s the best alternative for you to pursue in your financial quest?  In other words, matching the money source to the money need.  Rainmaking. We’ve […]

Are You a Leader?

Leaders with whom we associate can change the direction of our businesses and our lives.  As the saying goes, some people cross your path and change your whole direction.  Does that define you?   The key, of course, is that you don’t have to be a manager or an owner of   a business…you just have to […]

The Future of Business

On today’s Steve Hawkins Show from SuperTalk 92.9, Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss future trends and how key opportunities may impact business strategy and execution. Based loosely on a Forbes article by contributor Greg Satell, Guinn and Hawkins highlight the primary article points, with Guinn’s insight from client experiences added to the blend of information, points to […]

Let Us Help Create YOUR Ideal Business Entity

What if your plan for your business is just not going the way you planned?  We understand and appreciate the many different issues that may arise to preclude your premier opportunity for development. Often, potential Clients will call or email and ask how our Consultancy can assist in moving them from a simple idea or concept forward to a working business, and–most often, that […]

The Impact of Timing on Business Decisions

Over the past several years, business has seen a variety of trends in a thought process designed to enhance the critical thinking and decision skills of business leaders and managers.  Everyone seemed to have developed a system or a series of options, which—if followed– would make decision-making easier, relevant, less cumbersome, and fully integrated into […]

Financing Your Project via The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.

“Clients tell us that we are sought out not only for the ability to put people together with financing–but to put the right people together with the correct financing alternatives,” said Alan Guinn, the Managing Director of the Group. “Not exploring all available alternatives until we find the correct funding vehicle puts the client at […]

Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc—Who We Are

Here’s a quick, cursory video overview of our Consultancy practice.  Further details upon request.  

The Rise in Concierge Medicine–Plan for Your Practice Success

Several years ago, we began fielding calls and initiating conversions with Medical Doctors about how their current practices might be able to evolve into a new type of practice–commonly called “Concierge” or “Boutique” Medical Practices, aka, the Direct Pay Model. It just made good sense that professionals interested in the healing arts would look at positive ways to avoid a cookie-cutter, time-driven […]

What Do Employees Want?

  In Today’s “It’s Your Business,”  Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss what employees of businesses are really seeking in their jobs.  Based upon an article by Alison Green from US News and World Report, it’s a wide ranging discussion on the wants and needs of employees in today’s job market. Originally broadcast 09-10-2013 on Supertalk […]

Runt Trees Grow, and So Can Your Business

First, I have to thank one of my Twitter friends for Tweeting the header on this column…I’m not even sure who it was, but if you will email me, I’ll see that you get credit for it.  It’s just too good to pass up and really hits the nail on the head as to defining […]

Employee Motivation: Basic Facts and Guidelines

We’re often asked what can be done to better manage employees.  Truthfully, the question often is posited, “How can I get these lazy employees to do a better job?” In our experience, we’ve found that several reasons can exist for employee dissatisfaction, not the least of which is more focused on management issues than employee […]