Convert PDF To Text? “Abracadabra.” You’re There.

Updated 04-13-2017    Looking to convert PDF to Text? Look no further than’s  PDF Converter Ultimate.

BackStory: The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. often is offered the opportunity to advise small business owners and entrepreneurs on software we’ve tested and that we would recommend for purchase and/or use. Over the years, we have worked on and assessed a very well-known software program with the word “Sales” in the title—you can guess that one; and have consulted on specific research and definition/business and social media software titles. We did software testing and stress testing for several titles in the marketplace, all, of course, under non-disclosure agreements which will still be in place until the year 2525, if Zager and Evans are still alive.

Yes, you have to be older than most software geeks to understand that last comment.

Today, however, I want to both mention and recommend that you look at conversion software which converts files to other formats…not just one type, as some purchased software options…but a variety of software types. It falls within the overall definition of software which converts PDF to text. Some programs you download online are free, and some are very low cost…but if you want the full magilla, purchase of this app is probably going to cost you less than any combination of apps you might try to cobble together and download to accommodate the conversion process. And if you’re too “thrifty” to purchase anything?  Well, it has a free component, too.  Exploit the developer…they actually give you the option to do it!

Will it work as well as the big name software lurking higher in the paid search engine results? I’m thinking it will. My comments mirror those that users are offering.

Check it out at either of these two locations:

When Sandra Rogers, the Community Manager for Cometdocs, contacted me to inform me about the app, she offered me the opportunity to test it, and didn’t attempt to steer my thoughts, my assessment, or my interest. What I came away with seems to support many of the comments that are posted on their feedback site.

“So Far So Good… A Lifesaver” 

By Faerieblueyes

“Was having trouble converting some files for work to pdf and I found this app and so far it’s worked great! It’s really easy and quick to use it was a lifesaver for me!” 

“Converted my Excel Invoice within seconds” 

By SJDFairfax

“My first impression is WOW!!! I just converted my Excel spreadsheet to a PDF within a few minutes after starting your app. It was simple and quick!”

“5 Stars” 

By Kayla U.

“Simple process, self-explanatory. Overall great quality app gets the jobs done!!”


Cometdocs ( released the new PDF Converter Ultimate app, and it’s now available both via the Google Play Store for Android, and via the Apple Store for IOS.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been suspicious when something calls itself “the Ultimate,” but this app seems to be worthy of the name PDF Converter Ultimate.  Cometdocs claims “it can compete with some of the most well-renowned format conversion apps in the world,” and I have been given no reason to doubt that.

Here are some of the features:

  • Very short turn-around conversions for “free users”
  • Multiple conversion types available depending on the format needed
  • There is no limit on file size or number of files you can convert
  • Yes, you can convert files from Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services. Note: Check the list of file conversion options and be sure that what you want is in the list. Check out PDF Converter Ultimate and see if it doesn’t match up to software costing multiples of its price point. And if you choose the free version, enjoy the ride. If you use it more than a few times, why not help the developers and pass along a few dollars for the app? And let us know how you like the app.
  • Again, check it out at:


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