5 Creative Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Small Business

November 12, 2018   (Mia Clarke: Special to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.)   Updated 03/13/2019

Are you a first timer to the world of digital signage? Or do you wish to redefine the existing screens of your small business? Do you know that digital signage can boost the sales of your featured products up to 50 percent? It can also slash the perceived wait time by 40 percent. So, what are some of the creative ways that you can use digital signage for your small business?

● Entertain your business guests

One key thing that comes along with digital marketing is entertainment. A business that entertains guests not only keeps them interested in its products but also gives a reason to revisit it in future. Digital signage is a powerful tool to keep customers entertained whenever they visit the business. It keeps them away from getting bored, and enhances their patience in a world where people have become impatient with nearly everything. The long queues that customers have to brave before being served no longer bothers them.

● Feeds customers with information

Information is power in business. The modern world marketing thrives in a do-it-yourself generation where content is important. Digital signage provides your clients with valuable information about a product. For instance, if your business deals with cosmetic products, you can create videos that explain to your clients how to use particular products. Customers will have a positive perspective about your brand.

● Communicating with organization staff

Not all your screens should focus on the customers. It is necessary to keep some behind the scene for business internal communications. You can use screens to inform your employees of the business’s important events such as calendar meetings. The screens can provide a platform to display business rules and regulations for the employees to constantly refer to. In addition, you can also use the screen to acknowledge your employees for a well done job besides encouraging them to improve where necessary.

● Display some local news

Sometimes it is not all about yourself and business. Make your clients feel that your business is thinking about the events in the society too. Take some time off your business issues and feature outside events such as news bits and local weather. Let your screens take your customers through the list of corporate social responsibilities that your business is playing. Remind them of the important celebrations and upcoming events in your town. They will be attracted to your business for being a community promoter.

● Source of business revenue

Digital signage provides a great platform for product promotion. Upcoming companies may wish to promote the products that they want to venture into. Such companies may pay you agreed fees for you to run their business ads on your digital signage. This will promote not only good company relationship but also earn extra revenue for your business. The ability of digital signage to communicate with customers cannot be underestimated. It covers everything from product promotion to enhancing customer experience of your clients. It will cost you nothing to create content in unlimited play length. Give your customers as much information as possible.

Note:  This original article was contributed by Mia Clarke from https://www.userful.com

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