5 Creative Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Small Business

November 12, 2018   (Mia Clarke: Special to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.)   Updated 03/13/2019 Are you a first timer to the world of digital signage? Or do you wish to redefine the existing screens of your small business? Do you know that digital signage can boost the sales of your featured products up […]

3 Essential Business Tools Every Solopreneur Should Consider Adopting

Published 01-31-2018, Updated 08-2018     Today, a growing number of Americans are electing to start their own business ventures — but without the assistance or benefit of any other employees. In fact, an estimated 41 million Americans work at least part-time as solopreneurs, representing 31 percent of the total private workforce. Are you a […]

Starting a New Business? How Much Money Do You Need?

Updated 09-2018   It never fails to amaze many of us… those many so called “experts” online who can share with you how to successfully start your own business, but….ta da..they don’t do it themselves.  I always wonder to myself–sometimes aloud, to be honest–if they are so bright and intelligent that they can share with […]

4 Tips for How Financial Service Providers Can Improve Customers’ Experience and Satisfaction

09-07-2017    For better or worse, perception is reality. Despite instituting more and more tech advances over the years for enhanced customer autonomy, banks and other financial institutions would benefit from delivering a more robust customer experience that many say isn’t currently hitting the mark, according to a recent Protiviti survey. In particular, 96 percent […]

The Best Work Solutions for Remote Millennials

Updated 05-03-2017  As technology continues to bridge physical and virtual gaps, millennials expect more flexibility and remote opportunities from their employers. Companies can also take advantage of this technology, as allowing employees to work remotely has been shown to increase productivity, reduce stress and be more cost effective than working from an office, says. […]

Convert PDF To Text? “Abracadabra.” You’re There.

Updated 04-13-2017    Looking to convert PDF to Text? Look no further than’s  PDF Converter Ultimate. BackStory: The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. often is offered the opportunity to advise small business owners and entrepreneurs on software we’ve tested and that we would recommend for purchase and/or use. Over the years, we have worked on […]

How to Build a Successful Business With No Office

09-29-2016   Online communication work,  digital document storage, and an increased demand for the web presence of businesses mean that it’s “easier than ever” for employees to work mainly with digital tools–which leads to more opportunity for companies to save money on office space. Financial news site MarketWatch reports office space per employee costs an average […]

3 Prerequisites for Business Startup Success

Millennials are starting twice as many businesses as baby boomers, according to a new BNP Paribas report on global entrepreneurship. The average millennial entrepreneur gets started at age 27, compared to age 35 for boomers, and starts an average of 7.7 companies, compared to 3.5 for boomers. But despite the increasing number of younger startups, […]

The Importance of Editing

07-22-2016  Just how important is it to have your written work edited and reviewed to assure you make the correct impression on your viewer or reader?  Just ask dozens of job applicants who elected not to have their resumes or CVs scanned by a professional editor–and in so doing, didn’t get that job they really […]

The Most Common Mistakes Made By Sole Proprietors

06-17-2016   Special Guest Post by Rachael Everly.   Being your own boss seems to be the hottest job nowadays. It comes as no surprise that a number of people are now starting their own businesses as sole proprietors to make ends meet and achieve their personal goals. Unfortunately, there are a handful of mistakes that a […]

You’ve Had Your Big Idea, Now What?

Big ideas don’t just happen overnight. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes before a product or service really takes off. From business plan outlines to research and website creation, there’s a checklist every entrepreneur needs to see. Ready for your next venture?  After all, you’ve been successful in putting this together so […]

Preparing Your Taxes: Tips for Entrepreneurs

The only things certain in life are death and taxes. If you are a business owner, then it is death, taxes and more taxes. We need to do our personal taxes based on the income after doing our business taxes. Personal taxes are a cakewalk compared to business taxes, especially if you have employees, inventory […]

Six Principal Tips for Interviewing Success

A few years ago, I wrote an article that appeared across the Internet and that I used on both my radio and TV show, entitled “Six Principal Tips for Interviewing Success.” As a result of recent comments about our TV show, and some of the email that I’ve received, it’s probably time to update some […]

The Psychology of a Successful Creative Team

Creating a team is easy. Developing a winning team is much harder. Skill, ambition and passion are all components that need to be carefully measured and nurtured. Unlike a sports team, a creative work team has more esoteric goals and attributes, but the expertise that it takes to maximize creativity in the office is no […]

5 Questions to Answer Before Incorporating Your Small Business

It is relatively easy to incorporate your small business. Most states have online, government-implemented portals that let you fill in the blanks, pay a fee and get your certificate of incorporation. Knowing that you can incorporate does not mean that you should. Before changing the fundamental structure of your organization, understand what you are doing […]

The Growing Presence of Automation & Personal Augmentation in Business

In most people’s minds, automation is a decision tree process where two ideas are in a constant state of conflict. The myths are that you cannot have the human touch and be automated, that high mechanization means fewer jobs, or that creativity is quashed by computerization. Yet the facts of increased automation do not reveal […]

Videos & Social Media: How They Can Boost Your Business

Video has a transformative capability that’s hard to beat. It engages multiple senses, and yet, requires the least amount of effort on behalf of the viewer. It’s also the fastest-growing form of content on the web. Industry insiders are predicting that 90 percent of the internet will soon be video content. According to CNN Money, […]

Video: Starting Your Own Business

Alan Guinn discusses the key, critical steps required in starting your own business.  From the television program “It’s Your Business” featured on BTN.  

Video: How Important is Training? In today’s “It’s Your Business,” Managing Director Alan Guinn discusses the importance of training to both employer and employee and how training is a benefit and income generator, as opposed to a cost.  

Video: GREAT Customer Service

    In today’s BTN Broadcast, Alan Guinn, Managing Director of The Guinn Consultancy Group, shares the importance of Great Customer Service.  From BTN TV.

A Look at 4 Great Commercials & the Elements That Made Them So

Most 30- and 40-something-year-olds remember the catchphrase, “Where’s the beef?” from the 1984 Wendy’s TV ad campaign. The spot made 81-year-old Clara Peller an instant celebrity and boosted sales at the fast food chain by 31 percent in one year, according to Time magazine. What makes a great commercial varies, depending on your target audience […]

Hope and Change for the Continuing Open Internet

We responded to the FCC call for comment on maintaining a free and open internet.  Here is our comment, available online for confirmation: My job did not exist 25 years ago. When I went to college, I would never have been able to foresee what the internet could mean to me. And now, I can’t […]

3 Ways Videos Can Help You Connect with Your Customer

According to a 2014 study by MultiVision Digital, the average user spends 88 percent more time on websites with video. The study also found that videos build trust and business-consumer relationships, and have an extensive shelf life with the lifespan of an incredible four years. Compare this to the lifespan of a Facebook post — […]

Is It Ever Ok to Hate My Job?

We’re often asked about jobs and how employees relate to their jobs.  We’ve identified a series of reasons why employees may dislike their jobs.  Review this list and see if you find additional reasons. Photo Credit:  Photo Exchange,