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About Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc

Meet Alan Guinn, the CEO and Managing Director of The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc

Working from a base of operations in northeastern TN, The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc is a full-service Transformational Consultancy which tackles multiple areas including finance, developmental marketing, operations improvement, data science, AI, and entrepreneurship. 

Mr. Guinn is Chief Financial Officer for the development group ABSV (Antigua Barbuda Sports Village) Limited, a U$D1.5 Billion dollar development with infrastructue currently contemplated on the island of Antigua; and is CFO for Contemporary Investment Solutions (CIS), a funding and placement group targeting multiple projects and business opportunities. For more information on ABSV please visit

Mr. Guinn’s expertise in multiple business areas has been demonstrated throughout local, regional, and national media. He's had quotes attributed to him within major media outlets, including CNN, Fox Business, The New York Times, The Wall Street News Hour (NPR), The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, and specialty publications as diverse as Self Magazine, a host of smaller broadsides, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and notable corporate news magazines, including those from Chase Bank have featured his expertise.

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The Consultancy has successfully managed projects around the world. Here are just ten examples of over 160 projects crossing multiple areas of expertise. Ask about similar projects you may have underway.

1) Development, testing, and software marketing and sales. These include AI basis software, app development, and online payments processing with Starling Financial Group, and additionlly as a Director/CEO with BAST Holdings, LLC, a California-based AIgorithm driven-entity.

2) Creation and expansion of franchising and licensing entities, including real estate, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. The Company Principal offers 25+ years of experience in Franchising, domestically and internationally, spanning sales, oversight, and ownership.

3) Funding projects for fuel bio-facilities.

4) Funding and planning for a variety of projects against a sweet spot of $15 to $75 Million Dollars including commercial projects and data co-location facilities.

5) Startup and co-branding of multiple retail franchise entities.

6) The development of terrestrial radio stations.

7) The funding of power generation facilities based on kinetic energy from ocean waves and from waste management conversion.

8) Animal pharma projects.

9) FDA medical science devices and funding of their development and placement across multiple FDA phases of testing.and securing funding for those different phases.

10) Development of planned domestic and international master communities and townships.

The Consultancy developed the business plan for one of the first wind farms located off the New England coastline, and has co-presented joint development projects to DARPA.  Mr. Guinn is a partner in Avenir Opportunity Fund, LLC, domiciled in Nevada, and AD&G Development Group, LLC, domiciled in Tennessee . Guinn has recently been named as CEO of BAST Holdings, LLC, domiciled in California. BAST Holdings creates and manages autonomous control software for business and industry.

For over 10 years, Mr. Guinn served on the Board of Visitors for the College of Arts and Sciences at Tennessee Technological University. It was Guinn's honor for seven years to be the representative for the “70’s” era graduates on the Alumni Advisory Board at Tennessee Tech. He is currently an owner at Rushmore University. Guinn has taught MBA and PhD students at Rushmore since 1999 and has authored 13 books within his tenure at Rushmore.

Mr. Guinn was a weekly guest on the regionally noteworthy “Steve Hawkins Radio Show” for over 2 years, hosting the weekly segment called, “It’s Your Business." This segment addresed the challenges which small businesses confront daily. After leaving the radio show, Guinn created, produced and hosted “It’s Your Business” for the BTN Television Network.

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