Make us Your Training Partner

Since 1987, GCG Worldwide, and its CEO, Alan Guinn,  have provided professional services and training across the nation and around the world, dedicated to helping organizations reach optimum levels. With expert training and documentation solutions Guinn has shown groups all over the country tried-and-true ways to measurably support and improve their products, services and operations. These solutions include outsourcing, project-based services and off-the-shelf training in instructional development, delivery and effective writing.

Consulting and Development Services

GCG Worldwide provides expert consulting and will bring veteran project teams to assess, build and implement custom training and documentation solutions for your company.   GCG’s core capabilities include the following:

1) Classroom Training and Development

2) eLearning and Multimedia Development

3) Technical Writing and Information Design

4) Courses and Software

GCG Worldwide offers onsite and online training programs for professionals seeking to build and enhance their skills in the areas of structured and technical writing, instructional design and training delivery.

GCG Training is presented in Person, Via Webinar, or via CD/DVD.   Call for details on our modularized training. Call us now at 1.800.335.9269 to schedule your next training event.  We are also available via Email, Skype – alan.guinn, Twitter @aguinn.

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    Of course, she was trying to hear the ocean in the shell, and up went the shell to her ear.

    I said again, “Don’t put that to your ear.”

    What did she do? She put the shell to her ear and, the next thing I knew, she had screamed.

    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.

    Now she never, ever wants to go back to the beach.

    Often, the very things we tell people not to do are the first things that they will do.

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