Your Life 101: Where to go from Here?

Updated 05-01-2018   Look at that sturdy tree in the picture to the left.  It looks like it would withstand any storm, doesn’t it?  Well, shortly after this picture was taken, a tornado ripped over the top of the tree and damaged it so badly that part of it had to just be removed after investing time, effort and energy to save that largest upward trunk.  Update:  The tree is still alive.  It’s damaged, but living.  I hope it makes it.

Why all the fuss over a tree, you ask?  So, my Mom planted that tree over 60 years ago, and fussed over it every year–from the time she wrapped it with old inner tubes and protected  it from rabbits chewing on it, until the time that I and my friends played football around and under it.   Then she threatened us with some type of horrible event if we damaged the tree. We better not break the picture window, and we better not damage the tree.  Every fall, no matter where I lived in the world, when it was fall in Tennessee, I got pictures of the tree when those leaves changed color.  It was an event to get the year’s Maple Tree extravaganza.

But then, my Mom died, and the tree hasn’t seemed the same since.  Oh, it’s pretty in the fall.  And it still stood tall. Until the tornado.

Everything doesn’t stay the same, my friend.   Things change.  Business changes.  You change.  You age.  You get better, not older.  Ha!  You get older, too.

But what will you do when what you are doing now… becomes what you might be doing tomorrow?  Or will you be doing something better?

What are you doing in, oh, the next 25 to 50 years or so?   Believe it or not, there is a life to be prepared for–after work life– and for many of us…it’s…ta da!  The New Work Life.

Fast focus backward.  In my case, my father retired and that was it.  He had put in his time, put in his travel, done his part.  Few of us will have that luxury today…the luxury to just stop what we’re doing.  First off, not many of us will have enough saved to do it.    Today, retirement is rarely the time we sit down, contemplate our past business successes, go fishing, play golf, take those trips around the world you’ve always dreamed about.  More and more, the time after you have completed what you traditionally have considered work, is going to be…more work.

If you’ve studied Corporate Lifecycles in business, you have an understanding of what happens to companies as they expand and contract, grow and mature, and enter new lifecycle phases of their evolution.

But what is happening with You?  Not your career, or your family, but with You?  What happens as you expand and contract, grow and mature—and most importantly, enter that new lifecycle phase of your own life?

Life Meets Us in the Middle:  Get Ready for Something New

New advances in medicine, increasingly improving drug regimens, trendy opportunities in lifestyle improvement, and increasing lifestyle expectancy are setting  many of us up for a time in our life when we’re going to be transitioning from a working phase to….an entirely new working phase.

Let’s think through just a few of the general challenges you may face.

  • Financial
  • Medical Issues
  • Loss of Friends and Family
  • Evolving Work Opportunities

When you traditionally retire, you don’t want to withdraw into yourself and become a hermit.  You want to go places, buy and enjoy things, take trips, become more sociable, not less.  That means you will–more likely than not–be spending more money than you do now.

OK, so the house mortgage is paid off.  And you may be getting a pension payout–at least as long as the funds last.  California just cut pension funds to be paid out.  So what if that pension you are planning on doesn’t exist when you are ready for it?   Trust me when I tell you that the money won’t last forever.  As a matter of fact, it won’t go as far as it goes now.

Everyone wants to believe they have enough money saved for whatever might befall them in the future.  Truth be known, 94% of us don’t.  And we won’t be able to–or, simply, won’t, save enough to prepare for it.

Many of us face medical issues because we didn’t take good care of our aging bodies when we weren’t quite as experienced as we are, now.  How do we work our way around challenges faced by bodies that don’t want to work?

The Loss of Friends and Family Creates Loneliness

We recognize early on as we age that many of our family members and friends are dying and leaving us alone.  It’s a truism that the longer we live, the fewer friends and family continue to be with us, but that shouldn’t necessarily necessitate grief and despair among the living.  An in-depth understanding of the challenges faced and channeling of the opportunities for life and living can help you to maintain a healthier and happier life.

So often in our lives, as our own health becomes an issue for us, accepting and learning to cope with our personal challenges–yet continuing to live meaningful lives–may become difficult.  New techniques and understanding in both brain development and evolutionary change minimization can help us live happier and healthier, regardless of specific health challenges that you may face today.

Simple knowledge of these techniques and the understanding and recognition of the challenges faced may help improve the vision you hold of your life’s evolution.

Evolving Work Opportunities

It’s the rare employee who can physically tolerate the workload that you could thirty or forty years ago.  That doesn’t however, mean that you must hang up your knowledge, experience, and opportunity and give up on the pursuit of a meaningful contribution to society.

I recently had a young Marketing whiz kid lecture me about how little I understood about social media.  He even went so far as to share with me that since I didn’t understand the new Social Media as well as he did, I should move out of the way and let him advise our client successfully about why “there is absolutely no seasonality to online media.”  If you work in marketing, read that again and I will offer you the opportunity to laugh for at least 30 seconds.  But then stop, because it’s really sad.   You may have met up with some of these PhD Whiz kids who understand most everything except human nature.

Many of us daily are willing to share our life experiences– which can offer immense value.  Anecdotal stories of what doesn’t work can be worth many thousands of dollars to those willing to listen.  And more and more potential employers are willing to listen.

Successfully moving from where you will be– at what you might consider a retirement age–into a brave new world where you must ‘begin again’ requires not only courage, but successful and strategic planning.  It requires learning some new skills and understanding how to use the faculties you have, to leverage the strengths of the opportunities you can address.

Your Encore Lifecycle

We’ve begun working with a well-known, international online University to develop a follow-on program for Life Extension Preparation.

Some of the topics include

  • Recognizing Work Patterns: Living Successfully for the next 25-50 Years;
  • Dealing with Personal Physical and Mental Changes;
  • Building and Fostering New and Empowering Friendships and Work Relationships;
  • Addressing Evolutionary Workplace Challenges;
  • Planning for Retirement that Never Comes;
  • Legal and Ethical Challenges in the Personal and Workplace Environment;
  • Leveraging Experience for Positivity in the Workplace;
  • Accepting Life Change Gracefully and Amicably;

Contact us at The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. at 800-335-9269 for additional information; we can think about this, or we can act on it. Email us at

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