Which Social Media Platform is Best for Which Business?

09-29-2016   (Special to our website by Rachael Everly)

Which Social Media Platform for Which Business?

Not all social media is created equal. All the social media platforms evolve and grow. Facebook keeps on changing; it first bought Instagram, then it introduced hash-tags and then the groups were pushed into extinction, to be replaced by pages. These are just some of the popular conversation generating changes that Facebook has gone through recently!

There are many famous platforms, each evolving at its own pace. It is not easy for businesses to keep track of the changes and exploit them fully to benefit their businesses. Many outsource their social media presences to professional digital marketing agencies. However, even in the case of outsourcing, a business should have an idea of which social media platforms their business should have a presence on.

Choosing Social Media Platforms for Activity

The internet has revolutionized how we work and interact but the basics of business still apply. Before deciding on a marketing strategy you first must completely understand who the target market is, and where are they most “active” or likely to see your advertisements.  In the case of social media, which are the platforms that your target market uses most frequently?

For example, if you are a clothing retail brand that carters to mostly teenagers, then having a Facebook page is crucial for you. But don’t take that comment as meaning that you will get away with just having a Facebook page. Even if you decide that the bulk of your customers use Facebook, they will also be using other social media platforms. And your competitors will not just be competing with you on Facebook, but on other platforms, too. So if you are absent on one platform, your competition will exploit that and try to entice customers from that platform. Social media has made marketing a constant challenge for the customer’s attention. Understand which social media platform your target market most uses, and focus most of your energies there, while ensuring you still have a presences on other platforms they are likely to use in tandem.

Understanding Who uses Which Social Media Platform

We can briefly have a summary of each online platform and the types of people who populate them:

  • LinkedIn: Is an online platform for professionals who are looking to network in order to accentuate their careers. It is also an ideal place for businesses to expand their brand;that is, build the businesses itself as a brand. Also, if you have services or products that can be marketed to professionals, LinkedIn is ideal for you.
  • Pinterest: This platform markets itself as the world’s catalog of ideas. Here you will findpeople sharing DIY tips, recipes and the like. If your business blog posts feature any kindof “tips and tricks, then you can use Pinterest to drive traffic.
  • Snapchat: This app allows you to tell your story in pictures. Many businesses who wantto build themselves as a brand resonating with the young generation have been using  Snapchat for showing behind the scenes actions of their business. It really helps in building up a positive PR campaign. However, the posts expire here, so it is not a vehicle that would serve as a platform for marketing your goods and services.


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