What’s this Process of SeniorPreneuring?

It’s a phenomenon that’s changing the status quo work environment as we know it.  Baby boomers are leaving corporate positions in their 50s and 60s and are forming their own businesses, for a variety of reasons.  LegalZoom says that 35% of the businesses they assisted last year were started by people over 50 years old.

The process has been referred to– in various ways– as solopreneuring, SeniorPreneuring, and the one I like the most–GrayPreneuring.  So what is this trend all about?  Is it economics driven, or driven by some of the old feelings of the 60’s rearing their heads and driving individuals to start Not for Profits to save the earth or the whales?

Join us as we “rock out and rock on” and share this morning’s business segment from The Steve Hawkins Show and talk about “GrayPreneuring.”


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