Videos & Social Media: How They Can Boost Your Business

Video has a transformative capability that’s hard to beat. It engages multiple senses, and yet, requires the least amount of effort on behalf of the viewer. It’s also the fastest-growing form of content on the web.

Industry insiders are predicting that 90 percent of the internet will soon be video content. According to CNN Money, last year, video comprised the majority of consumer internet traffic for the first time, making up 53 percent of all uploads and downloads. This year, video traffic is expected to more than quadruple.

Times are changing, and with that change comes exciting opportunities for growth.

Below are four reasons to create unique video content for your business and share it via social media.

1. Producing Video Can Be Easier than it Looks

You don’t have to pay crazy amounts of money to produce high-quality content. Customer reviews can be content gold when shared effectively via video.

Select a clean, professional background and either set up your camera or smartphone to capture a simple video that is 90-seconds to two minutes in length at most. Be sure your customer is aware what he or she will be asked, and encourage open, honest feedback.

Once finalized, post the videos to your website and cross-promote via your social media accounts.

2. Facebook Video is Growing like Crazy

The internet community has been buzzing since late last year about a huge shift in power. Facebook video content has officially overtaken YouTube. In January 2014, Facebook had just over half of all video interactions online. At the end of 2014, however, that number had climbed to a staggering 80 percent.

Take advantage of this increasingly growing trend and post your videos to Facebook where they will be in front of your most engaged audience. Encourage likes and shares with incentives like coupons and samples, and be consistent with your posts to maintain regular visitors. The more likes, comments, and shares your video receives, the wider the audience it will reach without paid boosts or Facebook ads.

3. You Can Create a Customized Experience

Enhance your videos with music and other effects to create an engaging experience for your audience. If your videos address frequently asked questions, industry news, policy explanations such as shipping and returns, or showcase customer testimonials, add some entertainment value to what might otherwise be a dry topic.

Select background music from stock music sites like Shutterstock, which allows users to search the extensive library and browse tunes based on mood.

Add custom graphics to draw viewers’ eyes to the most important elements in the video, or to help explain a concept.

4. You Can Increase Customer Conversion through Convenience

Online ads outperform what’s quickly becoming archaic forms of marketing simply because there is no “buy now” button on a radio ad, TV commercial, or billboard. Non-digital forms of advertising may include a written or verbal call to action, however they don’t supply an immediate avenue for consumers to take that action.

If your marketing budget is being absorbed into print, radio, or TV commercials, explore digital advertising immediately to increase your return on investment and see measureable results.


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