The Entrepreneur’s Job Search

The path of an entrepreneur cannot be walked alone. Many times, an entrepreneur has to join forces with a larger pool of people (that is, take a job with a company). Believe it or not, there are many larger companies with startup cultures that love to employ people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. For example, DriveTime embraces individuality and states a clear desire for employees with an entrepreneurial spirit. Finding like-minded companies may seem difficult, but here is a step-by-step guide to finding and landing jobs that are perfect for professionals who enjoy the independence and freedom to take the initiative.

Know What You Want

Formulating a plan is essential to finding a company that will cater to your entrepreneurial spirit. Budding entrepreneurs should ask themselves what will be the best fit and how a position can help them become better at their careers. Make a list of industries, locations, companies and a salary that suits you. Then, move on to step two. Knowing what you want will save you time.

Check Job Announcements

Once you’ve narrowed down what you are trying to accomplish with your job search, you need to think about the places where the jobs you want are listed. There are numerous jobs boards that are generalists, such as CareerBuilder and Indeed. Other sites, like and FlexJobs, are more industry and lifestyle specific. Remember: Job boards merely scour the Internet for original job postings and, at times, there may be some lag between the original posting and when the job board finds them. If you know the companies you’d like to work for, go directly to their career listings page.

Examine Corporate Culture

When people talk about corporate culture, what they are really talking about is the company’s personality. The best corporate culture for you will differ from the next person since it is really a mater of personal taste. Do you like the hipster/startup feel (think Google)? Or, do you prefer a more traditional business atmosphere? Both of these will be dictated by the company’s culture.

So, how do you determine the corporate culture before working there? Easy. Ask around, read reviews on Glassdoor and visit the company’s website. The tone of its blog will tell you about the company’s culture, too. The combination of these research methods will give you a great idea of the company’s personality and if the business is looking for worker bees or people with entrepreneurial spirits.

Prepare for the Interview

Many companies want to hire people who are going to fit in with their corporate culture and get along with their current employees. While you will have a good idea if you are going to fit in with the company, the employer only has your resume and the job interview to determine whether or not you will fit the company’s culture. Preparing for the interview will help you show them who you are and why you are a great fit.

As you can see, the entrepreneur’s job search is only slightly different from a “normal” job search. Of course, your thought process and the kind of job you are seeking differs greatly from less entrepreneurial types. Follow the steps we outlined, and you will find your perfect match.


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