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“Building Passion, Delivering Genius…”

09-27-2017  Rakesh Sondhi on “Building Passion-Delivering Genius” “Building Passion, Delivering Genius – A Business Founder’s Journey” by Rakesh K. Sondhi This is the strapline I created for my company, BMC Global Services Ltd, after watching Rafa Nadel’s extraordinary victory over Roger Federer in the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the beginning of July 2008. But wait. […]

The Importance of Employee Communication

12-16-2016  Employees that are engaged are 25 percent more productive than those who are not, according to a McKinsey report on workplace behaviors. The ability to communicate with staff is an integral part of a company’s organizational structure and employee retention. It keeps businesses working smoothly and directly affects the bottom line of the organization. […]

About Us. What Can We Say?

Web sites and blogs are developed to give a presence to a business in such a way that a potential client can learn about the business. Often, we’re asked to give our “30 Second Elevator Speech”–you know, that half a minute synopsis that allows you to tell others who you are and what you do. […]

Raising Capital–Short on Cash?

Everybody has a dream.  What’s your dream? There are as many ways to raise capital as there are needs for it. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a simple collateralized loan.  We can help you prepare a Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding and a Promissory Note.  Or,  perhaps you want to pursue a Private […]