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Change of Plans? Pivot to Success.

Have you ever waited and waited for something to happen, only to have events occur which altered the course and the direction of your expected—and possibly, long-awaited– outcome?  The beautiful daylily bloom above is an example.  More on that story in a moment. Most of us have experienced “changes of plan” in our businesses.  We […]

Small Business Week and Small Business Challenges

On today’s Steve Hawkins Show, Alan and Steve discuss both the celebration of Small Business Week, and the biggest challenges facing small business today from The Six Disciplines Blog.  Listen to the show by clicking below.  Originally aired on 92.9 Supertalk WFHG on Tuesday, June 18. Alan Guinn (6-18-13)

Small Business Owners LOVE Their Businesses!

Over the last several months, we’ve conducted a survey of the items Small Business Owners value the most about owning their businesses. During this week’s Steve Hawkins Radio Show, Steve and I discussed what items business owners agreed were most important to them. Here are the top four items we would suggest lead the list.  Their answers […]

“It’s Your Business”–Small Business Challenges

 Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss the issues confronting small business owners today, and how to both address their concerns and fulfill their opportunities. Alan 11-13-12 (1)   Alan 11-13-12 (2)

So You Want to Buy a Franchise? Gibson and Guinn Tell It Like It Is.

Well, we’ve really gone and done it this time. Dr. Chris Gibson and I have started what we envision will be an 8 volume set of books, published electronically, on small business. Yep, I always said that I’d do it, and after ghost-writing two sets of business management books for authors– who published them under […]