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“Best Boss” Characteristics Unveiled–Are You a “Best Boss?”

Think you have what it takes to be classified as a Best Boss? In our continuing series on being the “Best Boss,” Steve and Alan discuss the six key characteristics that are shared by the best bosses across several different job types, with anecdotal stories and illustrations of those in their past who have demonstrated […]

What to do when You and the Boss Just Can’t Get Along

It’s a dilemma many of us face at some point in our career. On this segment of “It’s Your Business,”  Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss positive and constructive options available to employees when they just don’t get along with “the boss.” Answers derived from emails and texts/calls to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. Show originally aired on […]

Say What You Mean: Keep Your Language Precise

One of our most illustrative cases of the improper use of language:   In 1986, one of the retail ventures we were involved with seemed to be having difficulty getting cash deposits to the bank on a timely basis and getting those funds credited. To address this, we implemented a  “policy” that the funds must be […]

Questions Executives Must Ask Themselves

Based on Ken Krogue’s recent article from Forbes,  Steve and Alan discuss the 12 critical things for executives to understand about their businesses through a series of questions. Alan Guinn 3-26-13 (1)

It’s Your Business: Maintaining Mental Toughness

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss how best to maintain mental toughness for business owners against ever-increasing odds of unhappiness or dispair. Alan (11-20-12) Menrtal Toughness  

Today’s Perplexing Question: 7-13-2012

In our Consultancy, we’re simply swamped with questions about management and leadership.  They are two separate terms and yes, they do have very different meanings.  You knew that, right?  But,  come on, admit it…on deep, dark days when everything is going to hell in a handbasket, you’ve wondered if you’re either a manager or a leader. In preparing remarks that I’m […]