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Definition: The Best New Franchisee?

Probably because we participated in Franchising, successfully, for several different groups, and actually served as a Franchisee for several years, and because today’s economy is currently conducive—in the minds of many– to starting up your own business, we’ve been asked—continually, it seems– to look at today’s economy and comment on what types of attributes contribute to “The Perfect Franchisee.” […]

Brand Representation

Even if you have  what is classified as a high-potential brand, you may not have access to the resources to help it reach its full potential. GCG’s time tested and proven development process builds your brand in simultaneously diverse and creative ways.  From entertainment properties to corporate icons,  products and services to education and space […]


At The Guinn Consultancy Group, building your brand is a key part of the business process which we embrace.  Demonstrating an uncompromising commitment to the development of the best-designed, top-level, attractively  licensed products, we dedicate ourselves to providing a licensing program second to none.  GCG’s market-savvy veterans use their in-depth knowledge and experience to provide […]