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Are You a Leader?

Leaders with whom we associate can change the direction of our businesses and our lives.  As the saying goes, some people cross your path and change your whole direction.  Does that define you?   The key, of course, is that you don’t have to be a manager or an owner of   a business…you just have to […]

Questions Executives Must Ask Themselves

Based on Ken Krogue’s recent article from Forbes,  Steve and Alan discuss the 12 critical things for executives to understand about their businesses through a series of questions. Alan Guinn 3-26-13 (1)

Be a Leader All the Time

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss leadership plans for 2013, and discuss what becoming a true leader is all about.  Too often, we don’t recognize the leaders in our lives outside of business.  You can be a leader in whatever you do. Based on a Leaders Blog by Dan McCarthy, this week’s show offers ways for you to recognize challenges […]

Today’s Perplexing Question: 7-13-2012

In our Consultancy, we’re simply swamped with questions about management and leadership.  They are two separate terms and yes, they do have very different meanings.  You knew that, right?  But,  come on, admit it…on deep, dark days when everything is going to hell in a handbasket, you’ve wondered if you’re either a manager or a leader. In preparing remarks that I’m […]

The Importance of Employee Communication

12-16-2016  Employees that are engaged are 25 percent more productive than those who are not, according to a McKinsey report on workplace behaviors. The ability to communicate with staff is an integral part of a company’s organizational structure and employee retention. It keeps businesses working smoothly and directly affects the bottom line of the organization. […]


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