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3 Examples of How Customer Education and Marketing Work Together

Updated  05-02-2018    For years, we’ve believed in Executive Storytelling, and using those stories to help educate clients and customers.  Now, research bears out this positioning.  Don’t simply market to your customers; educate them instead. Now, we don’t mean offering classes and handing out degrees, but rather educating your clientele and prospects about all facets […]

Is It Ever Ok to Hate My Job?

We’re often asked about jobs and how employees relate to their jobs.  We’ve identified a series of reasons why employees may dislike their jobs.  Review this list and see if you find additional reasons. Photo Credit:  Photo Exchange,

Creating Job Happiness

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss ways to improve your outlook on your job on this week’s Business Segment on The Steve Hawkins Show, Supertalk 92.9. What:  You’re not happy where you are, doing what you do?  We look at personal experiences as well as Geoffrey James’ article from for some ways you can be happier in the job […]