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LinkedIn As A Viable Tool To Market Yourself

10-23-2016   Special by Rachael Everly.    Did you know that you’re a Brand?  Just like companies market their own products or services through social media platforms, basking in the limelight and increasing brand awareness– similarly–YOU–are a brand. But where can you highlight your Brand?  Creating a unique identity via a professional profile on LinkedIn helps create your own, conspicuous, online presence. The […]

Video: Find Your New Job

  In today’s BTN Program, “It’s Your Business,”  Managing Director Alan Guinn talks about the necessary steps in finding a new job.  Whether you’ve been “downsized,” “outsourced,” “let go,” or “fired,” the result is the same.  You have to find a new job.  Let’s discuss some of the aspects of this process.    

Radio: Want to Get Hired? Don’t Do These Things…

Everyone wants to tell you what to do if you want to get hired.  Well, we share with you what NOT to do when you’re having that all important meeting with the hiring manager. From what not to say to what personal tendencies NOT to exhibit, you’re on display for all the world to see when you have […]

5 Tips for Your First Post-College Job Interview

Your attitude, your appearance and your preparation will make or break your next job interview. According to CareerBuilder, 72 percent of hiring managers found arrogant interviewees or poorly dressed interviewees to be a major turnoff, and 75 percent found disinterested interviewees to be a deal breaker. When you’re just out of college and looking for […]

Soft Skills for Job Applicants

How important is it for an applicant to be able to communicate well with others?  Most of us would say that communication with others is an absolutely critical element in most of today’s work environments.  Wait.  Does the ability to “communicate” mean the ability to be able to send emails and texts— or does it mean that the applicant must possess the […]

Interviewing Well for that Exceptional Position

Interviewing can be viewed as a frightening experience by many being interviewed, but we tell our clients to view it as an opportunity to showcase their great attributes, what they know, and what they can bring to the employer— and that attitude will change the approach you end up taking in talking with people.  Mostly, taking that approach to the interview changes […]

Plaudits for our Work Product–Thanks so much!!!

Today, we have a bit different posting.  The Steve Hawkins Show, which features our “It’s Your Business” segment every Tuesday, received a call-in about results attained from advice given on one of our shows.  All I can say is, “We’re with you, Willie!  Congratulations on an obviously good interview!  I’m thrilled for you.”  Click on the […]

It’s Your Business: Top 10 Interview Questions

Alan and Steve discuss the top 10 Interview Questions as a part of this week’s “It’s Your Business” radio show.  Heard first on WFHG, SuperTalk 92.9. 9-25 (1) 9-25 (2)

Positive Feng Shui on Social Media Hiring

Here at The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. we are engaged by clients multiple times a year to find job candidates–from mid-level professionals up to and including Board Level positions.  Many are in marketing roles.  We utilize social marketing/media for these searches.  Which means, of course, that if you’re not visible online, you don’t have a […]

Today’s Perplexing Question: OneThing to Do in Any Interview 08-10-2012

Today’s Perplexing Question comes from Steve, via email: “What one thing, more than anything else, must I do in an interview?” Great question…and an easy answer:  demonstrate value to your potential employer. Let’s think about this for a moment and set the stage.  You’ve either networked into an interview, responded to a social marketing post, responded to some type […]