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August 15, 2017    Shaping the start up Champion” is a series of degree level courses designed to help individuals bring their business ideas, however large or small, to life either from a commercial or social perspective. The courses are designed to provide the skills, and practical experience, to take ideas and help founders turn […]

Seeking Financing for Your Projects?

Does it seem to you that no matter how much you plan,  more money is always needed for projects undertaken?  We don’t specialize in financing, but we may be able to help in sourcing funding for your development projects.  Keys to this will be concrete knowledge of the following funding attributes: What’s Currently Invested in your Project and by Whom? The Tenure […]

Today’s Perplexing Question on Funds Sources 7-18-2012

Today’s Perplexing Question comes from Larry in Mountain City, TN.  I’m assuming Larry must be a listener to “It’s Your Business” on Tuesdays at 7:35AM on The Steve Hawkins Show,  Supertalk 92.9. Larry asks,”You’ve talked and written about banks and lending.  I’m pretty sure a bank won’t fund a project that I’m contemplating.  Or SBA.  […]

Raising Capital–Short on Cash?

Everybody has a dream.  What’s your dream? There are as many ways to raise capital as there are needs for it. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a simple collateralized loan.  We can help you prepare a Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding and a Promissory Note.  Or,  perhaps you want to pursue a Private […]