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Looking for a Franchise? Beyond this, be Demons.

In over 35 years of Franchising, we’ve discovered some interesting things. First, the Franchisee-Franchisor relationship can be smooth or chunky.  It can go well, or be an absolutely hellish thing to have to endure. We’ve itemized the points in a posting we did on Linked In, that can be found at   Enjoy it!  […]

Definition: The Best New Franchisee?

Probably because we participated in Franchising, successfully, for several different groups, and actually served as a Franchisee for several years, and because today’s economy is currently conducive—in the minds of many– to starting up your own business, we’ve been asked—continually, it seems– to look at today’s economy and comment on what types of attributes contribute to “The Perfect Franchisee.” […]

09-11 It’s Your Business: Franchise Restaurants

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss development of Franchise restaurants in proposed developments and financial considerations which must be taken  into account. Alan Guinn 9-11-12

So You Want to Buy a Franchise? Gibson and Guinn Tell It Like It Is.

Well, we’ve really gone and done it this time. Dr. Chris Gibson and I have started what we envision will be an 8 volume set of books, published electronically, on small business. Yep, I always said that I’d do it, and after ghost-writing two sets of business management books for authors– who published them under […]