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Add Us to Your Advisory List

08-26-2017   Wherever you’re headed, we’ve probably been there and can offer recommendations for your success.  Not everyone recognizes opportunity–even when it jumps up and slaps them in the face; we review and analyze options, seek out meaningful actions, and develop pathways for you to address your actions. We help you be bold in your […]

3 Examples of How Customer Education and Marketing Work Together

Updated  05-02-2018    For years, we’ve believed in Executive Storytelling, and using those stories to help educate clients and customers.  Now, research bears out this positioning.  Don’t simply market to your customers; educate them instead. Now, we don’t mean offering classes and handing out degrees, but rather educating your clientele and prospects about all facets […]

A Dozen Great Resources to Learn More About Business Finance

Eighty-two percent of business owners seeking financing are turned down by their bank, and 64 percent fail to secure any financial assistance, according to a 2013 survey of 700 industries conducted by OnDeck, a business financing provider. OnDeck’s findings identified access to capital as the top challenge facing small businesses, following by sales and taxes. […]

Seeking Financing for Your Projects?

Does it seem to you that no matter how much you plan,  more money is always needed for projects undertaken?  We don’t specialize in financing, but we may be able to help in sourcing funding for your development projects.  Keys to this will be concrete knowledge of the following funding attributes: What’s Currently Invested in your Project and by Whom? The Tenure […]

Financing Your Business or Practice

Rainmaking.  Financing your business or practice is not just about finding money to support your development.  It also cuts to the heart of what you’re financing, why you’re financing it, and what’s the best alternative for you to pursue in your financial quest?  In other words, matching the money source to the money need.  Rainmaking. We’ve […]

The 5 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Financial Advisor

Finance is the least-trusted profession in the United States, according to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer.  You can blame it on the economic crisis of 2008, along with a generous helping of Wall Street maelstrom. America just doesn’t trust the financial services industry. But good reasons to hire a financial advisor do exist. Maybe the […]

3 Easy Invoicing Tools for Small Business

Success for the entrepreneur often comes down to cash flow. Having a good invoicing system that saves you time and encourages clients to pay online is one way to manage the process. Nathan Eddy of eWeek News states that small businesses spend up to two days a month on invoicing and financial reviews. Get on […]

A View from the Investor Side of the Fence

By Dr. Brent Lundell, PhD. ( A Financial Consultant to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.) Recently a business owner approached our company with a vending machine idea  for which he was seeking funding. He believed he could get vending machines into  airports where he would sell tagging materials to travelers at a significant  price. He […]

Is Private Placement the Right Option for You?

Raising Capital–Short on Cash?  is the name of a blog posting we developed concerning the funding mechanisms surrounding Private Placement Offerings.  Dr. Brent Lundell has referenced that article at It’s always nice when your posts are referenced and especially pleasing that he found our post to be of possible benefit to his potential clients.  Thanks to him […]