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August 15, 2017    Shaping the start up Champion” is a series of degree level courses designed to help individuals bring their business ideas, however large or small, to life either from a commercial or social perspective. The courses are designed to provide the skills, and practical experience, to take ideas and help founders turn […]


05-02-2018  In times of high uncertainty there is an inherent excitement in people to try new things, to set up new businesses and commericalise on these new ideas. “Shaping the Start Up Champion” is a customised programme of coaching and mentoring to deliver the greatest possible chances of success to these BRAVE new ideas. If […]

The Entrepreneur’s Job Search

The path of an entrepreneur cannot be walked alone. Many times, an entrepreneur has to join forces with a larger pool of people (that is, take a job with a company). Believe it or not, there are many larger companies with startup cultures that love to employ people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. For example, […]

Starting Your Own Business: Read This

Let’s look at some key points that startup Entrepreneurs must consider before they try to start their business. We regularly offer insight through the “five challenge questions that every potential entrepreneur should ask him or herself:” 1)      Do you want it–whatever “it” is? 2)      Can you do it? 3)      Do you have the ability to follow through? […]

Entrepreneurs: Living the Dream

In this April 30 “It’s Your Business” radio program, Host Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss the specifics you must understand prior to attempting to start your own business. Guinn, who was guest panelist at the SW Virginia Regional Opportunity Summit, discusses the specifics necessary for anyone to achieve entrepreneurial success. Alan Guinn April 30th

So You Want to Buy a Franchise? Gibson and Guinn Tell It Like It Is.

Well, we’ve really gone and done it this time. Dr. Chris Gibson and I have started what we envision will be an 8 volume set of books, published electronically, on small business. Yep, I always said that I’d do it, and after ghost-writing two sets of business management books for authors– who published them under […]