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The Entrepreneur’s Job Search

The path of an entrepreneur cannot be walked alone. Many times, an entrepreneur has to join forces with a larger pool of people (that is, take a job with a company). Believe it or not, there are many larger companies with startup cultures that love to employ people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. For example, […]

Why Good Employees Leave—An Ex-Employee “Post Mortem”

It’s happened, yet again.  A retail venture where I shop lost a valued employee.  She was one that I enjoyed knowing and with whom I enjoyed working—because of her constant smile, good nature, and engaging personality with other customers and clients.   I’m now an unhappy customer because the person– with whom I associated this business– is […]

Things Employees Hate

Did you ever consider what items really create animosity with your employees?  Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss a variety of issues during this week’s “It’s Your Business.”  Join us for this lively discussion from SuperTalk 92.9, WFHG.  Click on the link below, and be sure to give the program time to load. Alan Guinn (Things […]

Getting Credit When It’s Due

Hello Business Listeners!  In this session of “It’s Your Business,”  Steve Hawkins and Alan discuss how an employee can get the credit deserved for work product without seeming to be “tooting his or her own horn.”  Based on research by Scott Eblin, Coach and Blogger. Alan 10-30-12 (1)   Alan 10-30-12 (2)

It’s Your Business: What to do with those Raucous Employees!

Listen as Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss what should be done about employees–first, what makes them so unhappy with their bosses, and second, what can be done about the employees?  Finally, what must you as an employer/manager do to survive this situation?   With call in listener comment.  Based on consulting research and articles from Forbes Magazine. 10-23-12 (1)   10-23-12 […]

One of my employees hates his job.

Does it ever seem that unruly employees are intent on becoming the business standard as opposed to the business exception?  This simply shouldn’t be the case, but I’m getting more and more emails asking how to deal with troublemakers and those who are–quite simply–unable to do much more than simply accept a paycheck. If you’re an […]

Improving Employee Communications Methods

Today, let’s offer several ways to improve communications with employees.  1)  Put together a tribal council, with a representative from each area in the company, and have a sit-down meeting at least once a week to discuss issues confronting the company.  Get each council member to carry back the challenges that the company is facing, […]

Today’s Perplexing Question 07-05-2012

How can an employer improve communications with his or her employees? Communications between employers and employees–if not the core issue of almost every consult we do–are at least tangential to the issues at hand.   Yesterday, I offered a client a list of ways that communications can be improved. Here are Seven Ways that Communications can […]

Should Employers Have a Right to View Social Media Postings Online?

Employers have an absolute right to view anything posted on any social media site, and the courts will confirm that right.  After all,  if something is online about you, and Bunky in Peoria or Pretoria or Victoria can see it, why should your employer not have a right to see it? The key to this […]