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Did I–or Did I Not– Just Purchase an Airline?

07-19-2016   When a major business news network reported that our Consultancy had purchased an airline, electric fans everywhere issued warnings for upcoming attacks of semi-solid material. That age-old quote about “what’ hits the fan” tended to escalate within minutes. And the best part was, none of it was true to start with—we didn’t purchase an […]

Print and Linked Media Compilation

Updated 03-2019       Many Consultants brag about how much they are quoted in the Media.  But when you ask about stories and quotes attributed to them, they “hem and haw” about “not having a list.”  We took the time to develop a list of those that we know about…we’ve been quoted in many […]

Brand Representation

Even if you have  what is classified as a high-potential brand, you may not have access to the resources to help it reach its full potential. GCG’s time tested and proven development process builds your brand in simultaneously diverse and creative ways.  From entertainment properties to corporate icons,  products and services to education and space […]