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Common Customer Service Complaints

Updated 09-2018   Let’s face it. No one likes calling customer service. First and foremost it means the person calling is having a problem, and it means they may have to spend a good chunk of time trying to resolve it over the phone. As a business owner you need to make this experience as […]

How to Automate Your Customer Service on a Small Business Budget

04-09-2017    In today’s marketplace, customer service can make or break your business. Nine out of ten marketers now see customer experience as today’s key competitive differentiator, more decisive than price, quality or any other factor, according to Gartner research. But if you’re a company with a small staff or a small budget, setting up a […]

Video: GREAT Customer Service

    In today’s BTN Broadcast, Alan Guinn, Managing Director of The Guinn Consultancy Group, shares the importance of Great Customer Service.  From BTN TV.

4 Ways to Connect with Customers & Build Lasting Relationships

Smart business people understand the importance of outstanding customer service. They also realize that building a base of loyal customers or clients means taking tangible steps to create a connection and inspire them to come back. The following four tips can help you connect with your customers and, in turn, boost your sales and revenue: […]

How Connected Is Your World?

Our world is connected in many ways.  We’ve been told that for years, and yet, in business, we continue to find reasons to believe it’s not so.  We’re wrong.  And let me explain why.  Especially in small business, the issue is clear.  You’re always connected in a variety of ways, and your success can be determined, in a […]

One of my employees hates his job.

Does it ever seem that unruly employees are intent on becoming the business standard as opposed to the business exception?  This simply shouldn’t be the case, but I’m getting more and more emails asking how to deal with troublemakers and those who are–quite simply–unable to do much more than simply accept a paycheck. If you’re an […]

Today’s Perplexing Question: Please Explain Engagement.

Sandie F. sent me an email about “engagement.”  She received an employee evaluation and her supervisor had said, “Sandie doesn’t engage the client” and she wants to know how she can become more “engaging.” Sandie, I don’t know if you live in the 5 State Area, but if you do, listen to my radio show […]

Today’s Perplexing Question: Customer Service?

We’re often called upon to work with clients on customer service.  We can also confirm that customer service simply isn’t what most of us expect it should be. What we find is that organizations that believe in customer service as a workplace attribute convey those feelings across the organization.  It starts, however, from the top.  If the […]

Today’s Perplexing Question: 06-28-2012

Yesterday, a reporter from one of the national news sites–that contact me for comment and background on stories– asked a question that had been running through my mind for some time. Her name was Pam, and she asked a very simple question:   Is customer service dead?   After what my Grandpa called “pondering” on this question for a bit, […]