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Today’s Perplexing Question 06-24-2012

We’re going to make this a regular feature of the website.  Every day, it seems, we’re getting emails from business owners who ask us “what should we do about this” or “what should we do about that?” Today’s Perplexing Question came from an email received from Todd.  Todd, I have your URL address, but I don’t […]

Cloud Deployment Errors: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Edited 05-01-2017    Let’s be honest.  Everyone hears that everyone else is moving to the cloud, and you’re wondering if it’s something you should be doing?   What does that mean, anyway, moving to the cloud? Well, moving your systems to the cloud is not an easy decision for most companies. Time and cost are […]

Make us Your Training Partner

Since 1987, GCG Worldwide, and its CEO, Alan Guinn,  have provided professional services and training across the nation and around the world, dedicated to helping organizations reach optimum levels. With expert training and documentation solutions Guinn has shown groups all over the country tried-and-true ways to measurably support and improve their products, services and operations. These solutions […]