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Radio: Developing Your Business

Ripped and torn from the pages of today’s news, Steve Hawkins and Alan  use news sources as well as their own business experience to discuss how to best “Develop your Business.” Developing your business is a key phrase among those who address business concerns, but it’s terminology that means different things to different users. In […]

09-11 It’s Your Business: Franchise Restaurants

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss development of Franchise restaurants in proposed developments and financial considerations which must be taken  into account. Alan Guinn 9-11-12

Key Opportunities Gained in Business– 07-24-2012

Alan and Steve discuss the key opportunities gained by any business owner.  Based on an article by Derek Flanzaich/Young Entrepreneur’s Council/Yahoo Business Website.  Click on the link below and allow time for the audio file to load. Alan Guinn 7-24-12

So You Want to Buy a Franchise? Gibson and Guinn Tell It Like It Is.

Well, we’ve really gone and done it this time. Dr. Chris Gibson and I have started what we envision will be an 8 volume set of books, published electronically, on small business. Yep, I always said that I’d do it, and after ghost-writing two sets of business management books for authors– who published them under […]