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Add Us to Your Advisory List

08-26-2017   Wherever you’re headed, we’ve probably been there and can offer recommendations for your success.  Not everyone recognizes opportunity–even when it jumps up and slaps them in the face; we review and analyze options, seek out meaningful actions, and develop pathways for you to address your actions. We help you be bold in your […]

Brand Personality and the Psychology of Consumers

Consumers buy products and services they see themselves in. They want products that complement who they are… as people. Consumers want to patronize a brand personality they relate to. But how do consumers decide on one brand over another and how can you get the edge? Here is a look at how you can build […]

How Connected Is Your World?

Our world is connected in many ways.  We’ve been told that for years, and yet, in business, we continue to find reasons to believe it’s not so.  We’re wrong.  And let me explain why.  Especially in small business, the issue is clear.  You’re always connected in a variety of ways, and your success can be determined, in a […]