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A Look at 4 Great Commercials & the Elements That Made Them So

Most 30- and 40-something-year-olds remember the catchphrase, “Where’s the beef?” from the 1984 Wendy’s TV ad campaign. The spot made 81-year-old Clara Peller an instant celebrity and boosted sales at the fast food chain by 31 percent in one year, according to Time magazine. What makes a great commercial varies, depending on your target audience […]

Today’s Perplexing Question 07-08-2012

You’ve asked, “What is the biggest mistake that most companies make using Facebook?” I think the answer to your question is becoming clearer as time goes by, and the answer isn’t limited only to Facebook–although Facebook has some obvious issues I’ll address at the end. Let’s consider all “social media” as a category, first. A […]

Cloud Deployment Errors: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Edited 05-01-2017    Let’s be honest.  Everyone hears that everyone else is moving to the cloud, and you’re wondering if it’s something you should be doing?   What does that mean, anyway, moving to the cloud? Well, moving your systems to the cloud is not an easy decision for most companies. Time and cost are […]

Brand Representation

Even if you have  what is classified as a high-potential brand, you may not have access to the resources to help it reach its full potential. GCG’s time tested and proven development process builds your brand in simultaneously diverse and creative ways.  From entertainment properties to corporate icons,  products and services to education and space […]

PR Development. What You Say Matters…

If you or your business are planning on implementing a press campaign or need to come up with a plan to specifically fit your needs, The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to make your campaign a success. The days are long since behind us when your […]