Soft Skills for Job Applicants

BusinesspeopleHow important is it for an applicant to be able to communicate well with others?  Most of us would say that communication with others is an absolutely critical element in most of today’s work environments.  Wait.  Does the ability to “communicate” mean the ability to be able to send emails and texts— or does it mean that the applicant must possess the ability to be able to physically talk with others face to face?   Therein lies a dilemma.

Welcome to a challenge facing hiring managers in this new and exciting age when we are the most connected world in history, but many harbor an inability to directly communicate well with other human beings.  On today’s show, Business Consultant Alan Guinn discusses with Steve Hawkins the challenges facing applicants–especially new college graduates–in finding jobs and in successfully filling those positions with the skillset they bring to the job.   The show was broadcast 02-18-2014 on SuperTalk/92.9 WFHG.

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