Smart Business Practices That Save Your Business and the Planet

Going green does not have to be a philanthropic endeavor. There are practical, budget-saving reasons to implement eco-friendly practices in your business. Done right, your Earth-loving conscience can save your business a bundle and save the planet at the same time. The following are just a few steps you can take:

Send E-Receipts

One of the most popular aspects of eco-friendly living is to do everything electronically. Before, department stores would hand you a small ream of paper as your receipt, coupons, reward points and local area discounts were printed. Now, all of this is done via email. Supply your staff with high-end smartphones, like the HTC One M9, and a good mobile payment system that has the capability of emailing receipts, like Square. Plus, this enables you to capture your customers’ contact information.

Smash Your Trash

Waste management costs money and places a huge area strain on landfills. To combat this problem, buy trash compactors. These lower your waste disposal costs, save you money on trash bags and lessen your footprint in landfills.

Unplug Your Devices

Printers, computers and monitors all draw power even if they are turned off. According to the Department of Energy and Environment, unplugging office equipment is a good way for a small business to save a few bucks. For even more savings, turn off or lower the settings on cooling systems, lights and refrigerators.

Incentivize Good Behavior

Beer manufacturer New Belgium Brewing tracks all of its energy use as part of its corporate culture. For instance, bikes and high-efficiency cars are available to staff for quick company errands. Since the company is employee owned, all of this cost-saving and environmentally-friendly behavior directly increases dividends. For your small business, find ways of offering incentives for cutting waste costs. Make environmentally-sound behavior profitable for your staff as well as your company.

Create Environmentally-Friendly Standard Operating Procedures

To make your company green all the way through, develop policies and procedures that reflect your commitment to the cause. Use your standard operating procedures and mission statement to get everyone on board and moving in the same direction.

Get Certified

The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends getting certified and placing an eco-label on your products. If you are going to make the effort to create a green business culture, let it extend to your market base. Use this specialized niche to penetrate markets that may not have been readily available to you. The U.S. government has several departments that offer environmental certifications and the Global Ecolabelling Network lets you maximize your exposure on a worldwide basis.

Green Marketing

Use your new eco-labels as part of your marketing. Socially-responsible corporations are more than just a trend. Companies like Starbucks and Google have made their eco-friendly culture a large component of their corporate images. Likewise, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company has become a billion dollar business on the marketing premise of sustainable and healthy products. Do not hide the good works of your business, but rather let them shine. And the more money your company makes, the more you can invest in the betterment of our world.


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