Show Your Appreciation: 4 Ways to Thank Your Employees

Are you thanking your employees enough? Sure, you say “thank you” when projects are completed and you send out a friendly email, but thanking employees for a job well done requires more than a polite gesture or generic email. From more time off to a night out on the town, here are a handful of creative ways to thank your team.

Give Them a Vacation

A growing number of businesses are starting to offer unlimited vacation days. Before your nix this approach and consider it bad for business, there are a few statistics you should know about the unconventional vacation policy.

The practice of unlimited vacation is most common in startups and small businesses, but notables like Best Buy and Netflix have jumped on board with the policy. The experts from Business Insider cite that with unlimited vacation time, employees have the chance to recharge, which is great for business, since studies have shown more work equals less productivity. Unlimited vacation also promotes trust and flexibility, boosts employee morale and increases workplace satisfaction.

On a global scale, countries like Brazil, France, Germany and Italy are required to give workers 30 to 40 days off each year. In comparison, in the U.S. there is no minimum and most companies give a maximum of two weeks. So, if you’re looking for a smart way to reward your team, offer unlimited vacation. After all, it’s good for your workforce and good for your business.

Celebrate Together

While it’s not productive or recommended to celebrate every workplace anniversary, holiday or birthday in the office, getting everyone together once a month to recognize stand-out employees and to celebrate those anniversaries and birthdays shows your employees that they are valued and appreciated. Consider hosting team potlucks, having lunch catered in or treating your employees to a team lunch on you.

Treat Them to a Night Out

Show your appreciation for your top employees by treating them to a night out on the town. From a gift certificate to a popular restaurant or a gift card to a Broadway show, showing your appreciation and treating your employees to a reward outside of the office will mean a lot. Telecharge, a trusted online source for purchasing tickets to musicals and plays, offers gift cards in any amount, from $25 to $500. This way, all you have to do is purchase the gift card and let your employee choose the show they would like to see.

Volunteer as a Team

Foster a culture of giving back in your workspace. Whether you show your philanthropic side at a charity race or volunteer time alongside your team at a soup kitchen around the holidays, charitable efforts are not only great for the community, they are a wonderful way to thank employees. Additionally, giving your team time off to support their own favorite causes or charities gives them the opportunity to do something that they feel is important while also helping the local community. Afterwards, you can ask your employees to create a write-up of their experiences for your business’s blog and post it to the company website.

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