Serious About Finding Work? Check this Out…

If you’re one of the 77% of people who find that applying, interviewing, and getting hired for a job is difficult at least and impossible at best, there may be a light at the end of your tunnel. And it’s not a train.

Would you like to be able to file an application online with the top companies in the USA?  Your request has been met…and possibly exceeded. Don’t believe me? You can give it a try here:

So, What’s the Catch?

Earlier this week, I talked with Jamie Smith, part of the team at Formswift. We talked about the new FormSwift Job Applications Hub.  What in the world is a Job Applications Hub?

Let’s let Jamie tell her story.

“At FormSwift, a young startup based in San Francisco, we strive to provide top quality document templates and tools for business, consumers, and everyone in between. Because we are a youthful startup, made up of employees that are primarily under the age of thirty, we understand the difficulties of searching and applying for jobs.

Everyone agrees with that. Research shows this age group is having the hardest time finding meaningful employment.

“So, we thought,” she continued, “how can we use our software to develop an online tool that could at least eliminate the time and attendant cost of finding and filling out job applications for specific companies? The end product of ideation and work is our top job applications hub, which features online fillable job applications for the top sixty-one employers in the U.S.

Best of All, the Cost is…Free!

“With our top job applications hub, any prospective job seeker is free to choose an application from one of the top sixty-one employers in the country, open up and fill out the application, then share, download or print the finished application to hand off to their prospective employer. As the economy hopefully continues to improve and more people re-enter the job market, our top job applications hub will provide an excellent no-cost solution to new job market entrants that want to send off their redone resumes and cover letters to the nation’s top companies.

That Small Issue of Signing Your Application.

“Lastly,” she says, “our job application templates are complete with our full range of document tools, including our e-signature feature, which means you don’t have to print out an application, add your signature, and then scan to send in your finished copy; instead, all you have to do is simply add your signature while filling out the job application online and your application will be completely ready to be certified by any prospective employer.

So…What are You Waiting For?

There’s the story. What’s the catch?  Haven’t found it yet.  Let me share that if you’ve been looking for job and want to cut time out of the initial hiring equation, give this a try and see how it works for you.  And let me know the great results you achieve.  I’ll be interested in the speed, the efficiency, and how this works towards the end result for you.  Let your friends know about this, too.  I’m sure that FormSwift wants this to go viral.


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