Seeking Financing for Your Projects?

Does it seem to you that no matter how much you plan,  more money is always needed for projects undertaken?  We don’t specialize in financing, but we may be able to help in sourcing funding for your development projects.  Keys to this will be concrete knowledge of the following funding attributes:

  • What’s Currently Invested in your Project and by Whom?
  • The Tenure of the Project.  What’s been done so far, and What Must be Done? And by Whom?
  • Key Attributes of the Project.  Its Profitability or Possibility of Profitability.  What makes your Project Unique?
  • What are the Key Economic Drivers of your Project?
  • How Committed Are You, Personally, to the Project’s Success?
  • Your Personal Investment in the Project to Date…measured in both Cash and Sweat Equity.
  • How Well have You Planned for any and all Eventualities?  What’s Your Back Up Plan?

Once you’ve put together a Teaser and can answer the questions above, contact us and let’s talk about your project.  A typical Teaser would answer the following questions in detail over a four to six page analysis:

  • The Business Activity and Reason d’Etre
  • Targeted Markets
  • Acquisition Strategy, if Appropriate
  • Tangible Reasons For Investment
  • Investment Highlights
  • The Pricing/Costing of the Project
  • A Three Year Pro Forma P&L
  • A Summary and Disclosure Statement

This Teaser format can work very well for a variety of projects seeking funding.  We encourage you to use this format in presenting projects to lenders or funding entities.  When additional information is required, they will share with you what information you should furnish to successfully close the deal.

We’re happy to review and analyze business projects to be presented for funding opportunities.

Funding may  be furnished by High Net Worth Individuals, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Insurance Company Funding or Joint Ventures.   Our fees for this advisory service are very reasonable and we’re happy to quote on improvement of plans offered, or business development advice.

Contact us today at 1-800-335-9269 or 917-224-6782.

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