Medical Practice Specialties and Development

The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.  is invested in medical practices, medical practice management,  specialty practice conversion from partnerships to specialty practices, and in medical mergers and acquisition.

Some of these areas of interest include:

Medical Practice Development and Extension

1. Our trademarked Medical Practice Template demonstrates methods and opportunity for med practice implementation.

2. Our QuicMedic Template allows new physicians an opportunity to enter practice with minimum cash outlay and equity investor support to develop a new practice.  New challenges offer new opportunities for achieving goals and objectives.

3. Our Transition Template creates an alternative pathway for Physicians leaving partnership practices to enter into a unique Specialty Practice.

Support of Additional Medical Areas and Business Support

Medical mergers and acquisitions create a new area of interest and opportunity for many physicians.   We’ve also had several physician practice groups solicit our support for practice management, which we are now able to offer, often at a significant cost savings.  Doctors want to practice medicine, not be bogged down with paperwork and insurance reimbursements.  Speak to us about these challenges faced in your practice management.

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