Marketing Partnerships: What Works and Why

06-23-2016  Marketing partnerships are one of the best opportunities a company has for maximizing its advertising budget, reaching new and engaged audiences, and showing customers they have a heart and soul. Here are some examples of marketing partnerships that helped all parties involved, as well as some lessons you can apply to your own business.

Keep It Simple

Whether you’re making the connection between two incredibly obviously related industries — the partnership between Benjamin Moore Paints and Pottery Barn or connecting two lifestyle brands with the same audience — the most simple and logical partnership is always the best idea. Give your audience an easily relatable, honestly logical connection between two brands they already love or between two brands that will make their lives easier.

The connection between a paint retailer and home furnishing store is beyond simple and logical, as both companies are maximizing their marketing dollar. Instead of each company taking out a half page ad in Architectural Digest, they can now afford a full page ad or another ad in Interior Design magazine that promotes them both.

Each company is also reaching and converting existing customers. If you’re a huge fan of Pottery Barn but often opt for cheap paint, you’re much more likely to try out and become a Benjamin Moore fan after seeing a dual ad. So, not only are you combining your financial marketing investment, you’re also aligning customer bases and increasing your email lists exponentially!

Make It Fun

Shopping for tires may not be your favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, right? Goodyear knows this all too well. While tires are important for making sure we get to work on time every day and our families travel safely, they aren’t a whole lot of fun to shop for.

With that in mind, Goodyear took its customers’ wants to heart by joining forces with NASCAR. Not only did Goodyear partner with a wildly successful sport, the company also based its partnership on innovation and focused its advertising efforts on further educating customers and NASCAR fans alike about the role high-quality tires play both in sports and everyday life.

Give Back

BuzzFeed and the nonprofit Fur Baby Rescue found the perfect combination for a viral marketing campaign that saves lives — combining the relatability of comedy, alcohol and puppies in the form of awesomely adorable GIFs. Or, in layman’s terms, the two companies got some girls drunk and then gave them puppies to play with. The result was unadulterated joy, love and quite a few tears (of happiness, we hope!). The kicker: Every dog in the campaign was up for adoption. BuzzFeed received an incredible amount of traffic and adulation — and quite a few puppies got adopted.

Zynga, the online gaming giant, also took philanthropy into account when it partnered with Pizza Hut for the Slice of Hope program for the World Food Program. Zynga offered special in-app purchase promos, with proceeds helping to fight hunger in countries around the world. After all, what goes better than pizza, video games and saving the world?


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