LinkedIn As A Viable Tool To Market Yourself

10-23-2016   Special by Rachael Everly.    Did you know that you’re a Brand?  Just like companies market their own products or services through social media platforms, basking in the limelight and increasing brand awareness– similarly–YOU–are a brand.

But where can you highlight your Brand?  Creating a unique identity via a professional profile on LinkedIn helps create your own, conspicuous, online presence. The importance of creating your own LinkedIn profile for college students and early-stage graduates simply cannot be overstated, especially as more and more “fresh graduates” are flooding the market.

College days can be one of the most lucrative learning times of one’s life and if you capitalize on the knowledge learned and skills acquired during this time you will find yourself in an excellent career position.  Work requirements vary for students, but Linked In can help you find whatever opportunity you seek.  Some students immediately want full-time positions during their learning experience, while other students may intend to go and study abroad, or may simply work in a part-time job to help support finances.

To that end, you need to learn how to showcase your skills and talent and market yourself repeatedly– as and when required–to achieve a required level of attention to “kick start” your career. Linked In doesn’t just work for graduates but for students, managers, even CEO’s– and for their brands–as well.

  • Connecting with Unlimited Career Opportunities

Opportunities rarely knock on your door today… you have to constantly seek them out.  LinkedIn serves as a professional website for job seekers, just as Facebook serves as the ultimate social networking website.

Networking is not only about establishing relationships for social satisfaction, but has immense value to the professional.  A well-updated LinkedIn profile is an ideal platform to showcase your qualifications and skills to attract potential recruiters seeking to fill vacant positions. Your job description on your profile acts as a cover letter–or a marketing pitch–drafted specifically to present you in the most appealing manner.

  • Competently Evaluate your Worth

By receiving constructive criticism–as well as words of appreciation from the people you interact with on LinkedIn– you will both polish your self-image and increase the value you possess as a worthy recruitment candidate. Experts highly recommend networking with HR managers and other recruiters on LinkedIn.  Even if you are not in an active job hunt, you should avail yourself of any opportunity which comes your way.  Participating in interviews helps polish skills. Many potential employees have reported that an interview offered them a reality check, and helped them concentrate on improvement because of weaknesses exposed.  Interviewing helps you appreciate how the market values your efforts–along with clearly illustrating a salary range you are capable of earning.

In any highly competitive marketing scenario, finding your perfect niche is all about staying on top of competitive opportunities available which match your skill set and staying well-aware of recent market trends.  By staying abreast of market changes, you will impress interviewers with your knowledge, expertise, and understanding of positions available.  Once you understand how the market values you, the confidence you gain comes from within.

  • It’s the CCM’s.  Get an idea of the Company, it’s Culture and the Management

Interviews pivot positively when the recruiter discovers that you have a substantial amount of information.  Go to LinkedIn to learn about the target company, the Board, and the Executive Officers. Talk with current employees.  Employees drive any company.  When you show considerable interest and understanding of the culture gleaned from the profiles of prospective colleagues, you are likely to leave a long-lasting impression.  It becomes clear to anyone when you have done your homework!   Knowing the level of education and experience HR is likely to seek for any position can help you gauge your own level of competency which you must meet and exceed.

The professional profiles of employees speak volumes about a company and will help you gain overall knowledge as to whether you are mentally prepared to adjust to the work environment ahead.  If you don’t currently have a LinkedIn profile, create one today to take advantage of these opportunities!  Or give us a call at 800-335-9269 and we’ll help you create that ideal LinkedIn profile.



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