Let Us Help Create YOUR Ideal Business Entity

Stay CalmWhat if your plan for your business is just not going the way you planned?  We understand and appreciate the many different issues that may arise to preclude your premier opportunity for development.

Often, potential Clients will call or email and ask how our Consultancy can assist in moving them from a simple idea or concept forward to a working business, and–most often, that line of conversation leads to the question…can and will we assist in that aspect of business development?

While it’s true that many Consultancies won’t deal with start up businesses– for a variety of reasons–we’ve worked with dozens of start up businesses and love the excitement and enthusiasm associated with start ups.  One of the most active parts of our practice assists a client from conceptual idea to application.

  • Understand that, for a start up business to be successful, we believe that planning is critical to success.  Planning brings discipline to the process. We may advise structuring plans for the business in several different areas. Sometimes, this could mean that one of our Consultants must help write a tactical Business Plan.  The type of plan we might develop–one targeting financing, planning operational guidelines, even helping to set up marketing objectives– depends on many factors.  It can depend on the business type itself, how much work has been done on the development of the business concept prior to engaging us, and–most importantly–on the client, and his or her objectives and commitment level.
  • If the Client needs advice on setting up procedures or policies for the business, our Consultancy can assist with setting those objectives.  In our background, we’ve successfully developed outstanding  Operations Manuals, Training Manuals, and Policy and Procedure Manuals for both small and larger businesses, including Franchises.  If your plan is to Franchise your business, call us first.  We develop Franchise entities successfully and reasonably.  Don’t spend upwards of $25,000 on fees you don’t have to spend;  put the money in the development of your business!  That said, it’s also important that you understand that simply downloading an online form or Manual for your business may certainly offer something to put on your bookshelf, but it may not be applicable to your business, to your state, or even to your country.  Our Consultancy has helped clients all over the world address specific needs in this area–from legal documents and agreements to research on specific law and reasonable and customary practice.
  • If the Client needs help in business registration, our Consultancy can assist with that.
  • If the Client requires help with setting up books or in developing a relationship to the local or national tax authorities, our Consultancy can do that.
  • If a Client needs financing, our Consultancy may act as a “finder” and be able to help you arrange financing at a reasonable rate for a fixed term without a large distribution of equity.  We use lenders located all over the world.  We do not limit our funds search to any specific area, but develop and maintain financial relationships worldwide.
  • If the Client needs production assistance for a product or support development for a service, our Consultancy may help arrange that.
Our objective is to be there each step of the way…to literally take the client by the hand–as required– and lead them down the path to putting every situation foreseen– or anticipated– into resolution, where the client will manage them successfully.


Costs of the Services Rendered:  How much and when?

  • We generally seek an initial retainer from the client.  The initial retainer is a modest fee covering the time  we invest in getting you to the most productive position.  It allows you a professional assessment and recommendation for next steps, and allows us to negotiate the services you will require at a price you can afford and believe represent the best value to you.
  • Monthly fees for ongoing work after the initial consultation are generally negotiable,  based on the number of hours we invest in the work on behalf of the client.
  • If we assist as a “finder” for  bridge, mezzanine, or development funding that may be required, we will charge a modest finder’s fee with the percentage charged reducing in relation to any increasing amount required.
  • And of course, as our lawyers make us share with you, since funds raised does not represent money under our direct control, we can’t guarantee that we’ll secure all the actions of lenders or brokers we may anticipate, but we don’t charge any fee on funds raised until the funding you require is secured.
If you’re not getting where you want to be– as quickly as you want to be there– give us a call at 800-335-9269 and tell us that you are looking for a few good Consultants.  We’re here to help.

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