How LinkedIn Expands Your Company’s Brand

LinkedIn is much more than a social media option for job-seekers or entrepreneurs to post a digital resume and network in their shared industries. The content publishing website is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes to showcase their products, services and successes. Many companies are already on LinkedIn but may not be utilizing the site as effectively as possible.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is free. You can pay for advertising on the site, but for companies with smaller marketing budgets, learning how to leverage connections, maximize the reach of “groups,” and write stronger posts can provide a monstrous return on the investment of only their staff’s time.

Building Your Network

Posting frequency on LinkedIn is similar to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and just about any other social media tool in that it requires a balance between maintaining active posts while not being annoying. No one wants to see content only featuring company updates or have one-dimensional, blatantly self-serving posts jammed down their virtual throats. That’s an easy way for a business to get blocked.

Tending to your company’s network is critical. The individuals, businesses and clients your company is involved with should be the first type of LinkedIn users to add to your network. This helps your company see what they’re doing, and allows you to keep them posted on your activities. Maintaining that open and active dialogue in a transparent but unpretentious way will help you grow network rapidly.

In a recent article on, experts suggested that businesses should join LinkedIn groups or create their own group to “share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.”

Strengthening Your Presence

Online, first impressions mean everything. So a profile needs to be both consistent with your brand and appealing to the average online viewer.

In a post for SVM E-Marketing Solutions, writer Bob DeStefano said status updates, blog posts, polls and other common LinkedIn features like recommendations help enhance a company’s profile. Polls, for example, provide a free “market research tool that allows you to collect actionable data from your connections and the professional audience on LinkedIn.”

DeStefano said that many companies fail to properly brand their LinkedIn page or utilize that free URL by sharing it on other platforms. If a company’s profile is complete, and loaded with updated content – it should be shared as much as possible.

Many companies, like Joss and Main, use simple photos and concise news updates to keep their LinkedIn profiles fresh. But rather than simply posting blurbs about its own successes, Joss and Main uses news stories about design-related trends and industry issues to solidify its position as an interior design leader.

Using LinkedIn to the fullest requires some time, but it’s vital to synergize the content on a LinkedIn page with your company’s other content platforms. Posts should be active but not necessarily daily.

The main goal is to engage the audience. Tapping the network, sharing common ground and providing relevant updates about your company will help LinkedIn users find a new gateway into your business.

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